Vancouver Entrepreneurs think they have found the solution to unhealthy sport and energy drinks

The Canadian Paediatric Society and Dr. Catherine Pound recently commented that sport drinks are high in sugar, which is contributing to the obesity epidemic and cavities. They further commented that, caffeinated energy drinks have a number of adverse effects including anxiety, interference with sleep, heart rhythm abnormalities and in rare cases even death. Dr. Pound encourages everyone under the age of 18 to stop consuming these drinks.

The rise of the energy drink market has been unprecedented. From the inception of Red Bull in 1987 there has been a vast array of follow-up companies using the same formula of caffeine plus sugar. Today the energy drink market has grown to approximately $3.2 billion US in sales.

The market prevalence of energy and sports drinks indicates more than just successful marketing and business strategy, it indicates the need for a product that can deliver supplemental energy to a consumer who is working a stressful job, with long hours and who still has athletic aspirations (if only on the weekend).

Without a suitable alternative, it is hard to anticipate that the advice of the Canadian Paediatric Society and Pound will result in a significant reduction in the use of energy and sport drinks. Vancouver Entrepreneurs think they have found the solution to unhealthy sport and energy drinks.

Fortunately, a group of Vancouver entrepreneurs has already begun a campaign that offers the solution that the Canadian Paediatric Society, Pound and Canadian youths have been missing. The Vancouver based company has produced the world’s first natural awareness beverage succinctly named; Metta. The company’s founders see Metta as the solution to the energy drink conundrum. 

Metta is the first of its kind. It aims to improve mental and physical performance without the use of caffeine, refined sugar or artificial stimulants. The team at Metta decided that they had to give up the undesirable side effects associated with traditional energy drinks, so they set out on a mission to find a healthy alternative. After years of searching and refining, the team found their solution, Adaptogenic herbs.

Adaptogenic herbs have been used for centuries for their powerful properties. Siberian villagers used adaptogenic tea for everything from anemia to libido. Vikings drank horn cups full of adaptogens before battle. Before steroids, the Russians used adaptogenic herbs to give them the competitive edge in sports.

Modern science has validated a number of these benefits which include increased energy, stamina, strength and mental capacity. In essence, they are doing what caffeine, refined sugar and artificial stimulants do without the negative side effects.

The recent CBC article,”Sports drinks and energy drinks unhealthy for kids and teens” states that children should not be consuming the traditional energy and sport drinks. Metta has been a welcome addition to the market as an energy drink alternative for medical and fitness professionals. Considering the known negative physiological effects that caffeine and sugar can have in both the pediatric and adult population, Metta is a highly recommended alternative. The herbs, vitamins and amino acids in Metta are not only safe, but have a laundry list of health benefits”. – Dr. Amanda Milliquet, BHK (hons.)

While the recent buzz around energy drinks has been their effect on children, the same negative effects occur in adults. This is what has led high-performing athletes to eschew sugar and stimulants in favour of a more sustainable solution.

Mike Kesthely a nutrition professional who works with high-level athletes was happy to see a product like Metta enter the market. “In today’s society, “sports drinks” have come to mean anything from simple sugary drinks to products containing multiple forms of stimulants; there are currently no controls or restrictions on these. These are meant to simply taste good, and stimulate an already taxed endocrine system. The thought process behind Metta is impressive: low sugar content, and herbal components with not only an extremely high safety profile but studied and proven health benefits across all age categories” – Mike Kesthely, FDN, PN1

Metta has launched their pre-sales campaign on IndieGoGo (an online crowdfunding platform). You can visit the website at:

How traditional energy drink manufacturers will respond to the recent criticisms is unknown, but with new alternative products like Metta entering the market it is clear that some things will be changing.

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