Zheng Hua’s inspiring biopic ‘EVERYDAY HERO’ is recognized in China on poverty alleviation day as its USA and multi-territory distributors, TriCoast Worldwide, are prestigiously honored as Cultural Ambassadors of Guangzhou in the New Era.

Los Angeles, CA – July 3, 2018 – TriCoast Worldwide CEOs are awarded as Cultural Ambassadors of Guangzhou in the New Era.

In recognition for poverty alleviation day on June 30th, the Propaganda Department of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Guangdong Southern TV & Film Communication Co. honored emerging filmmaker Zheng Hua’s biopic ‘EVERYDAY HERO’ (aka ‘Nan Ge’), a film depicting Guangdong’s real poverty alleviation story and the selfless dedication from Guo Jian Nan. Produced by and starring Sun Hong Tao, alongside Ru Ping and Ai Liya, ‘EVERYDAY HERO’ is supported Guangdong Southern TV & Film Communication Co., China Film Group, and several Mainland Chinese investors.

Photo: TriCoast Worldwide CEOs Strathford Hamilton and Marcy Levitas Hamilton on June 30th representing ‘EVERYDAY HERO’.

‘EVERYDAY HERO’ will be promoted in 529 poverty-stricken counties including Yuebei, Yuexi, Yuedong and Hunan. At the launching ceremony, the Deputy Director of the Propaganda Department of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee, Zhu Xiaoyu, remarked, “Without the poverty alleviation work of poverty alleviation cadres in the front line, there will be no ‘EVERYDAY HERO’ and all the film television works and literary works with the theme of poverty alleviation. I hope that all those who are concerned about China’s poverty alleviation and development can enter the theater and carefully taste the movie Everyday Hero,” adding the hope for it to result in film and television cultural exchange that shares the Guangzhou poverty alleviation story internationally.

Previously released in China, TriCoast Worldwide CEOs Strathford Hamilton and Marcy Levitas Hamilton honored the international signing and screening of Hua’s ‘EVERYDAY HERO’ for worldwide audiences at this year’s past Cannes International Film Festival. Exclusively invited to China, both Strathford Hamilton and Marcy Levitas Hamilton were prestigiously awarded as Cultural Ambassadors of Guangzhou in the New Era.

Photo by
Southern Reporter He Yushuai – On June 30th, the guests took the stage to water the model tree and announced that the film “Nan Ge” (‘Everyday Hero’) entered the 529 poverty-stricken counties.

The core plot of ‘EVERYDAY HERO’ “reflects the common good feelings of human beings, the performance of the beautiful South Guangdong village, the actors and actresses outstanding, which is why [we] chose to take [the film for] global distribution,” said TriCoast Worldwide CEO, Marcy Levitas Hamilton, reported the Southern Metropolis Daily.

Dissimilar from big cities like Beijing and Hong Kong’s action movies, the touching story of ‘EVERYDAY HERO’ that takes place in a different area of China. “Very touching, it is about the commonality of human beings. Not only China, but in any corner of the world, there may be such a story,” quoted the Southern Metropolis Daily. TriCoast Worldwide CEO Strathford Hamilton is looking forward to the release of ‘EVERYDAY HERO’ in the States because it reflects “China’s education, medical care and other aspects, so that the world can see more Chinese beautiful stories.” Affirming the achievements of ‘EVERYDAY HERO’ and the future potential of Guangzhou in the film and television industry, Strathford Hamilton continued, “This film not only has the theme of poverty alleviation, but also shows that the city of Guangzhou has the ability to make world-class movies.”

This August, TriCoast Worldwide will bring ‘EVERYDAY HERO’ to premiere in Los Angeles and will later release the film on multiple VOD platforms for over 100 million in the States, reported China NewsZuo Shengdan.

‘EVERYDAY HERO’ summary: Taking the example of Guo Jian Nan, a poverty alleviator, the film tells the touching story of Guo Jian Nan, the chief of the quality inspection department of Guangzhou Guangzhong Group, leading the poverty-stricken and wealthy people in the village of Yutan in the west of Guangdong (from Southern Metropolis Daily). Watch the trailer here:

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