Three Hearts Dance set to Inspire Optimism and Hope, with their new Dance Film “Descry”

Three Hearts Dance, a story telling dance group that shares testimonies of life, hope, optimism and encouragement has released a dance film titled “Descry.” The group that was founded in 2013, challenges its audiences to unleash their freedom to allow them to live boldly. By watching their dance, the group says, the audience becomes part of the story that is meant to inspire people to great heights where optimism and love are shared. The dance film titled descry featured the dynamic duo, Lexie Bristol and Abigail Hinson.

According to one of the group members, Lexie Bristol, Three Hearts Dance aims to unleash freedom, inspire its audience, share optimism, artistry and love. The group believes in small beginnings which ultimately bring big endings, they have lived this dream. They started small and now according to Lexie, they have grown to be an inspiration in their community and far wide. The shows and events which they have attended tell a story of hope, resilience and optimism. 

To help them share their stories, the group creates intimate showcases which feature dance concept videos and live performance which are thought provoking and entertaining. Development of concept videos allows them to reach out the audiences in setting which may not allow live performance as well as give the non local audiences a chance to get their message of inspiration and hope.

The artists say that their dance is based on life experiences; it represents the steps of their journey which has shaped what they have turned out to be. They added that their ultimate goal is to inspire all and mostly their audiences to move beyond their fears and past aiming toward a bold life of freedom. The Jacksonville group believes that by creating and staging intimate setting, they bring an atmosphere where dancers and audience can interact directly.

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