The Reason E-sports Is Getting As Popular As Regular Sport

Innovative platform, ExaQueue, becomes the social-network for gamers making e-sports just as popular as regular sport

ExaQueue’s key function has been described as the Tinder for gaming buddies making e-sports just as popular as regular sport. The social-network platform for gamers allows lovers of multiplayer and online games to create a profile, engage with fellow gamers, and enjoy the beauty of gaming.

The platform has become increasingly popular in a relatively short while, thanks to the uniqueness and creativity of the idea, especially as it brings a new perspective into the world of e-sport. The possibility to get shown perfectly fitting gaming buddies, based on an algorithm which works with previous selected information and the one to organize a tournament through ExaQueue are just the biggest reasons of the increasingly popularity.

ExaQueue allows users to set up a gaming profile, have their own claims and conditions to find the perfect gaming-buddy anywhere across the globe. The platform also allows to use the new opportunity of building teams to organize tournaments and get in competitive action with others in any way.

Users of the platform can also change and rebuild their team as they deem fit in a bid to be the best gaming team on the planet. The multi-functionality of ExaQueue is also a unique feature of the platform, satisfying every wish of a gamer’s heart. Users of ExaQueue can easily subscribe to professional leagues, and stay up to date, while following content creators, coaches, teams and enjoying pictures and videos about tutorials, matches and similar topics. It also allows users to join tournaments are public listed and connect their profiles with games or social-networks.

The free platform has been described by many gamers and especially e-gamers as the next best thing to happen to the world of multiplayer gaming, allowing gaming lovers to enjoy more than just gaming, but also creating a platform that ensures effective networking without having to pay a dime.

The process of being a part of what is fast becoming the largest congregation of online gamers is quick and easy and can be completed in minutes. Users only have to create a gaming profile, select their preferences and claims about their skills, people and games, and search for future game-buddies depending on their selected requirements.

Users can manually search for gaming buddies in addition to the work done by ExaQueue’s algorithm by swiping the profiles of fellow users from to left or right.

ExaQueue is already gaining ground with huge presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and even Twitter. This underlines ExaQueue’s fulfillment of its goal of increasing gaming experience to a new level, with games like League of Legends, Ark, Counter Strike and Overwatch already featuring on the platform.

ExaQueue is also organizing a crowd funding campaign for the platform, scheduled to commence on the 5th September 2017.

About ExaQueue

ExQueue is a gaming social-networking platform designed to connect lovers and enthusiasts of gaming across the globe. The idea for the platform was inspired by the passion to create a community of gamers where everyone can have fun, connect and enjoy multiplayer gaming on a brand new level.

The vision of the ExaQueue team is to increase the gaming experience to a whole new level by allowing lovers of games get new friends based on their passion and making exactly this passion more accepted in the world, even as profession – gaming.

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