The new Zip n Store™ food storage solution receives rave response on Kickstarter

Zip n Store™ is a revolutionary kitchen storage solution which is recently launched on Kickstarter with a goal of $20,000. The product has surpassed the fundraising goal as hundreds of backers supported the campaign by pre-ordering the product at an early bird price. The innovative product utilizes the functionality of ziplock bags, which can be used to store food for longer saving money and time!

Considering the fact that zip lock bags are light, easy to store and keep the food fresher for long, Zip n Store™ has developed a storage system which will help the user in organizing the ziplock bags into the refrigerator in a better way. The storage solution eliminates a few shortcomings of the ziplock bags such as putting the food into the bag. This problem is resolved with the help of Chop nFill™ mat and stand which will allow the user to easily get all the food into the zip lock bag without making a mess.

The Chop n Fill™ mat is a flexible funnel-like product that can also be used as a cutting board so that all the chopped up vegetables can be directly transferred into the ziplock bag for storing in the refrigerator. Another component of the Zip n Store™ storage system is the Cold n Store™ fridge slide out unit and the Cold n Store™ door unit. Together they have the capacity to hold 29-quart size ziplock bags, putting your stored food in direct sight and right at your fingertips. This saves from the hassle caused when bags are piled on top of each other in the refrigerator getting lost in the stack creating more storage space.

Recently, there has been a lot of name brand edible products available in ziplock bags, considering this the Zip n Store™ storage solution has a lot of scope in the market. Moreover, people have been realizing the utility of the ziplock bags and a need to store them efficiently which is evident from the huge response received by the Zip n Store™ system on Kickstarter.

The Zip n Store™ Dry n Store™ cabinet slide out can be used to store dry foods and the Freeze n Serve™ freezer tray can be used to store the frozen food items. In this way, the user can store the food separately and find them easily when needed. The freeze n Stack™ is a gardener’s dream come true. All of the products by Zip n Store™ are easy to install and use.  The backers still have the chance to order various units of the Zip n Store™ storage system based on how they would like to be organized. Since the campaign is going to be funded for sure, our backers can be assured they’ll be the first to get Zip n Store and be able to finally get their foods organized with simplicity.

Zip n Store™ will forever change the food storage and product packaging industry as companies design their new food packaging with zip lock type tops. They will be fighting to get a spot in your new Zip n Store™ storage units that are in your refrigerator and throughout your house.

More information about Zip n Store™ can be seen on Kickstarter.

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