The Many Options for Rhinoplasty and Plastic Surgery for College Students in San Jose and Bay Area

Stanford, CA – The dreaded surgical operation can take on monstrous proportions for college students, who are already surviving on a shoe-string budget, and possibly have a big loan to repay on time. Before panicking, or simply agreeing to pay for plastic surgery, here is a small guide they can follow, shared by Gloria Watson on the Stanford College Puzzle blog.

Whether it is a nose job, rhinoplasty in San Jose, or plastic surgery in the Bay Area, there are many logical ways to approach the financial challenge and take the right action. Panicking about how to pay for plastic surgery is easy, but can actually cost a lot if affordable options are missed.

“Firstly, the student must decide to spend some time on research on how much a plastic surgery may cost in San Jose and other states according to the type of facility,” says Gloria. One can search for Rhinoplasty San Jose, and use other keywords to see that costs of treatment for say, Bay Area rhinoplasty are really different at other locations. This method requires some time and does not fit well for emergency cases.

“A rhinoplasty in San Jose wouldn’t cost the same as one in Orange County. Also, it wouldn’t have the same results,” says Gloria.

A health insurance plan is also important and can save much money if it covers a wide range of surgeries. Those who already have a plan can check and see if it is suitable for covering all expected medical cases. Those who cannot afford a separate health insurance scheme should check if they can be included in their parents’ schemes.

Other options are checking for an affordable or free health care nearby, and student assistance programs. College towns often have affordable plans and treatment spaces for students, and with good grades a student assistant program may also be available.

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