Sawyer Rankin And Team Announces Kickstarter Campaign For Monsterhearts 2 System

Sawyer Rankin and his team launch Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for new skins for the Monsterhearts 2 system.

Sawyer Rankin has announced the launch of a new fundraising campaign on Kickstarter for funding their Monsterhearts, Skin Deep project. The role playing game writer and his team is aiming to raise funds to add more skins for the Monsterhearts 2 system, specifically for the Bedlam, the Devil, the Dragon, the Leshy, the Prometheus, and the Veela.

“We have launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for new skins for the exciting Monsterhearts 2 system,” says Sawyer Rankin. “I was introduced to Monsterhearts in 2013 and I am hooked to this RPG ever since. The endeavor of our team is to add more bang for your buck to Monsterhearts 2 through the Monsterhearts Skin Deep project.”

The Monsterhearts Skin Deep project will attempt to add six new Skins to offer players new ways to play a monstrous existence in their games. Each of these skins has been crafted with love, care, and has a story to tell about its creation. Some of these skins have been in play-testing for about three years. They are now ready to be revealed to the world.

According to Sawyer Rankin, these Skins have been carefully and creatively crafted to offer a whole new perspective about supernatural and teenage to the world of the and in different ways. The Skins will create a new set of social dynamics and introduce newer ways of playing with the strange and uncanny in a gaming world that is naturally queer and has generous elements of uniqueness.

Sawyer is confident that these dynamic new Skins will create a sensation of renewed interest for a game that has the capability to touch players deeply.

The Kickstarter campaign is focused on raising funds for six new Skins for key characters of the game. The Skins have been designed for the Bedlam, the Devil, the Dragon, the Leshy, the Prometheus and the Veela. Matt Strickling and the artist Fabrissou are assisting Sawyer, Sydney Marsing and his team in the Monsterhearts Skin Deep project to get the skin creation and designing right.

Sydney Marsing is a nerd who is crazy about RPGs. She is a seasoned role player. Fabrissou is a relatively new entrant to RPG and was introduced to the game a couple of years back. Fabrissou is an artist passionate about cats, facial hair, the Queen Skin and croissants.

The Kickstarter campaign for Monsterhearts Skin Deep project aims to raise $2500 for creating new Skins for the various characters. The campaign is a success already with a few more days to go for the 27 August 2017 deadline. Contributors to the campaign can expect impressive rewards depending on their level of participation.

About Monsterhearts Skin Deep Project:

The Monsterhearts Skin Deep project is an endeavor by Sawyer Rankin and his team of designers and artists to design six new Skins for various characters of the Role Playing Game. The Kickstarter campaign has a financial goal of $2500 for the project. The Skins are crafted with a lot of care and love and offer players new ways of playing a monstrous being in the game.

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