Rickjey Inflatable Cervical Neck Traction Device on Amazon Offers a Healthier, Stress Free Life

Neck traction, also known as cervical traction, is a drug-free method to relieve pain for anyone suffering from neck conditions including arthritis, herniated/bulging disc, strains and cervical muscle spasms. The Rickjey inflatable cervical neck traction device is designed to provide instant relief for those suffering with chronic neck and shoulder pain.

The inflatable device supports the neck in comfort and reduces the pressure on nerves. It helps improve posture and stretch the neck to help maintain the appropriate alignment of the cervical spine. The inflatable traction device also provides an easy and affordable solution for those recovering from compression-type injuries or who suffer with arthritis pain.

Millions of people wake each morning with pain due to improper alignment of the cervical spine. Poor posture during the day and insufficient neck support during sleep is a major cause of headaches and pain in the neck that can radiate into the shoulders.

The human body tends to conform to the type of movements it performs most. People who work in front of computers for long hours each day and those with jobs that require them to raise their arms above their heads – such as mechanics – are at increased risk for pain due to misalignment and stress on the cervical spine.

The neck pain relief device by Rickjey is lightweight and completely portable. It can be inflated to any pressure desired for the best level of comfort. It fits easily in a suitcase or travel bag, whether individuals are traveling by plane or for a weekend of camping. The cervical pillow works to increase critical circulation to tendons, nerves and muscles.

The three-tiered, inflatable cervical pillow is easy to use and requires no complicated set up procedures. Simply connect it to the pillow’s inflation device and fill it with air to the desired level. Fully adjustable to accommodate individual needs and different neck sizes, the device is appropriate for men and women.

Now, Customers simply need to enter the coupon code A2QH3CLO at the final checkout to get 25% discount. The company’s cervical support provides a medication-free means of attaining quicker recoveries and relieving neck pain from strains, muscle spasms, bulging discs and arthritis for better quality of life.

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