Playaz & Playettes, Inc takes the Music is For Everyone campaign to Indiegogo

Nonprofit charitable educational organization, Playaz & Playettes, Inc launches a crowdfunding campaign for its Music is for Everyone program

Music is for Everyone is one of the programs organized by a nonprofit charitable educational organization located in Shreveport, Louisiana, Playaz & Playettes, Inc. Music is for Everyone is a therapeutic and educational program designed to encourage people to join the circle of music through educative and healing drum sessions. The crowdfunding campaign aims to raise a total of $80,000 to take the programs across different states in the U.S., while filming an investigative documentary on Drum Circle Culture, called “Drummers Gone Wild.”

Music has been discovered to also possess therapeutic features, in addition to being a great source of entertainment. The release of endorphins while listening to music helps to fill the body with happiness and energy. Consequently, music has been used for its therapeutic purposes, helping to enhance people’s live by increasing their IQ performance, enhancing spatial reasoning and inspiring creative development. Playaz & Playettes, Inc as part of its goals of building a healthier and happier society is therefore organizing the Music is for Everyone program and the consequent crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for the program.

In addition to using music as a form of therapy, the programs by the Music is for Everyone campaign also hopes to strengthen creativity and spatial temporal reasoning, while helping participants build communication and listening skills, and enhancing abstract thinking and improving memory.

Other benefits of the programs organized by the Music is for Everyone campaign include improving cognitive skills, with the therapeutic and educational music programs helping to promote healing, stress relief, and physical and mental self-awareness.

Music is for Everyone educate children and heal people of all ages mentally, spiritually and physically. The campaign recently received a grant from the Beaird Family Foundation for a cargo transportation van. The crowdfunding campaign is to cater for other aspects of the programs, especially taking the programs across the U.S. and filming a documentary, titled “Drummers Gone Wild,” which covers drum circles from New York’s Central Park to San Francisco’s Hippie Hill.  The route of “Drummers Gone Wild” include

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Portland, Oregon
  • The Bay Area, San Francisco, California
  • (Aquatic Park, Hippie Hill and Golden Gate Park)
  • Southern, Venice Beach, California
  • Dallas, Texas
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Congo Square, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Central Park, New York, New York
  • Miami, Fl

The programs will feature culminating public performance by students and instructors at the end of each residency. The performances include Wider Education thru Music Participation where students are introduced to various percussion instruments from around the world. The other part of the performance is the African Drums and Louisiana Folks songs, which reflects North Louisiana regional history as part of the 4th grade local history school curriculum and introduces students to music and lyrics by Huddy Ledbetter.

Music is for Everyone hopes to transform the United States in a fun and creative way while causing a sense of euphoria for participants. Talented percussionist, Ron Hardy, is the Executive Director of Playaz & Playettes, Inc and is behind the Indiegogo campaign to raise $80,000.

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