Plastering trowel selection at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop newly updated and more extensive

Plastering trowels are one of the most important tools for any plasterer, especially one who wants to do the fastest and most perfect plastering job. And at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, the plastering trowels on offer are now newly updated as well as more extensive than ever.

UNITED KINGDOM – Apr 3rd, 2018 – Plastering and rendering is a job only for the experts, and this is a fact which Plasterers 1 Stop Shop fully knows and understands. This is why all its products are sourced only from the best and most long-standing brands and manufacturers, and it makes sure to test each and every product and tool to determine its performance, effectiveness, and durability as well.

For plasterers looking for the ideal plastering trowels, Plasterers 1 Stop Shop does not disappoint. The plastering trowel range at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop is now more extensive, with a lot more choices available. The newly-updated selection includes products from Nela and other manufacturers. But the Nela plastering trowel collection is unarguably the most popular with customers.

One highly popular plastering trowel offered by Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, for instance, is the Nela Premium Trowel, which is only £35.72. Plasterers 1 Stop Shop describes the tool as the Nela 11-inch premium trowel, which has been designed as well as manufactured in Germany. The tool comes with the most ergonomically-suitable design for the handle, which results in better ease of use. The handle is also securely mounted thanks to the special M8 nut.  The ergonomic design of the product is due to the special BikoGRIP cork, but customers can also choose a softer handle with the BikoGRIP SOFT. In addition, the tool is mounted on die-cast aluminium, making it extra durable, and the mounting made of aluminium is also ultra-lightweight from a special and unique alloy which offers higher stability as well. It also comes with a special blade made of stainless steel, and the blade is additionally curved and made with edges which are beveled, making it suitable for plaster, concrete, pools, stucco, and dry lining.

Other popular plastering trowels available at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop include the NelaFLEX II Gold Edition trowel, the Nela PlasticFLEX Trowel, the Nela Carbon Steel Premium Trowel, the Nela MAX Carrier Trowel (complete with BikoGRIP), the PUTZ Valles Gris Finishing Trowel, and a lot more.

About the company:

Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, a reliable source of plastering and rendering tools and materials, big and small, offers some of the most affordable prices as well. In order to browse through its broad plastering trowel selection, visit the Plasterers 1 Stop Shop site.  

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