Over Half of U.S. Police Departments Expected to Pilot Blocksafe’s Smartgun Tech Following Las Vegas Massacre

Smart Gun Tech Leader, Blocksafe Foundation, Shares that Chicago PD to be First to Pilot

This week, Kevin Barnes, Chairman and CEO of Blocksafe Foundation, has confirmed that the Chicago Police Department will be piloting smartgun tech in a targeted effort to increase gun safety and decrease gun violence.

Following the recent tragedy of the shootings in Las Vegas, police departments are now turning to advances in technology to prevent such tragedies in the future.  One such technology is smartguns based on advanced blockchain technology. 

Smartguns are equipped with monitoring technology that can be accessed via the Blocksafe network.  This online portal will allow officers to self-monitor their firearms in real-time. The ability to track the location and use of weapons has the potential to significantly reduce gang violence, terrorist attacks, accidental gun discharges, and mass shootings.

The Chicago PD is leading the way with their pilot program.  Barnes claims that many police departments are showing a strong interest and he predicts that over half of all police departments across the country will be piloting this technology in 2018.  Blocksafe will also be featured at the Defense Strategies Institute’s Summit in November where attendees will include NASA, USAF, and Homeland Security.

“The Blocksafe foundation believes that an anonymous, secure and decentralized infrastructure must be in place for Smartgun technologies to reach their full potential. These technologies can anonymously reduce gang activity, locate stolen firearms, prevent malignant gun use and more. Saving lives by providing an infrastructure for enhanced self-defense features.” – Blocksafe Foundation

About BlockSafe Foundation:

Blocksafe Foundation is a company focused on enhanced firearm technology utilizing a decentralized blockchain protocol for anonymity, security, speed, accountability and integration.  Team Leaders include a systems architect and Army Veteran, Kevin Barnes as well as Joseph Shutz, IoT pioneer and former VP of Intel Labs.

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