Ouna: The recruitment process of the future

The use of Blockchain is no longer linked to ICO marketing and the use of cryptocurrencies only. It is already used in different areas, such as in the presidential elections of a country, in verifying the correct use of a state budget, in addition to serving as a data warehouse for public health and ensuring the identity of physical property. Now, after 15 years of research and being tested in more than 100 cases, Ouna presents the first online assessment and recruitment ecosystem based on Blockchain for companies to have ease and certainty when recruiting new staff.

Ouna, realizing that job interviews are useless and can be detrimental to the image of the company because they are not entirely objective on the side of the employer. Thanks to the acquisition of the Analyzer tool in 2017, it became the essence of the platform and has fully developed a methodology of pyramid evaluation that can help a potential candidate find a job in 15 minutes.

When a candidate requests a job, Onua uses its already proven algorithms to analyze their profile and contrast them with the requirements that the company requires. To date, with this selection process, they have achieved 86% in the selection process, placing the most suitable candidates in the most suitable positions.
Labor associations

To think as Ouna does, we have to realize that the platform evaluates two different perspectives: the employer or company and the candidate or employee.

Companies to find the perfect employee for a position, have to specify the candidate’s ideal profile, to hire the best-qualified candidate who will allow them to save time, money and work.

As for the candidates, they must carry out an anonymous, global and decentralized pyramid evaluation carried out by Ouna. The review consists of evaluating the skills and limits that the potential employee has and will help them identify and pursue their employment goals.

With each job evaluation, Ouna borders on perfection. The parameters they have been made to cover the needs of companies so that the associated parties can benefit everyone.


Each candidate for a job must log on to the Ouna platform and complete the evaluation of pyramid motivations. In this way, their talents and virtues will be known and, subsequently, they will be tested if there are similarities between the employer’s demands.

Smart Contracts

These results will be transformed into the candidate’s unique mathematical profile through an algorithm developed by Analyzer. Then they will be processed through blockchain’s smart contracts, a reliable way to keep the information secure.


Companies execute these patterns in the Ouna database and identify the profiles of candidates that best suit their needs. Only then can effectiveness be achieved when employing someone.
The work of Ouna

With a team of expert professionals, such as psychologists, evaluators, statisticians and internet specialists, Ouna avoids the cumbersome procedure demanded by job interviews. Besides, by basing its platform on the Blockchain system and its Smart Contracts, companies eager for new employees no longer have to resort to scouting and selection agents, reducing costs in the process.

But the system of recruitment that Ouna provides not only remains there for the candidates. By evaluating themselves and creating their profile based on their skills, motivations, and values, it offers equal work opportunities for all, free of discrimination, will obtain free Tokens of Ouna. That is, your curriculum vitae can generate profits from your registration.

Your database is gaining prestige thanks to the algorithms it uses. Being exhaustive and reliable, they manage to decipher their strengths, motivations and ideal work environments. With their immediate success, more and more are in charge of RR. H H. who prefer this platform when discovering the absolute power that it has.

As more candidates join the Ouna database, the system will improve data accuracy and leave both parties satisfied. The primary objective is to solve the disadvantages created by job recruitment in all the parties involved.

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