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When was the last time you’ve had a truly meaningful conversation, the kind that lifts your spirit and turns your anxieties into surpassable trials? How many times have you instead heard that “it’s not that bad” and you should “just pull yourself by your own bootstraps” and carry on? Day after day, we put on our happy faces and pray that no one notices our sadness. The weight of this kind of pretense can amount to too much. It leads us away from having even an honest inner conversation. Our material world alienates us both from others and from ourselves. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Our lives are our own struggles. All the while, we crave others to comfort us and provide meaning to futile trials that life throws our way. We all get hurt, we put up walls, we mistrust and we hurt some more. The vicious circle puts us off balance to the point where we don’t know who we are anymore. And we’re getting increasingly used to it.

As much as this might seem like the problem of our day and age, that is not the case. Our self-doubts and struggles to discover our true spiritual self are as old as the humanity. And the roads we paved seeking to overcome them led us to develop numerous sciences, disciplines, and techniques, across ages, cultures, and civilizations. From psychology to Reiki, to Reconnective Healing, Theta Healing and back, we’d set up certain methods of restoring our inner peace and balance.

Fast-forward to the 21st century, and the picture looks grimmer than ever. In the age of ever-expanding networking and communication, we seem to end up feeling lonelier than ever. Studies show that as much as one-fifth of Americans experience some sort of psychological distress. Over half of them never seek treatment. Whether for the general stigma surrounding emotional wellbeing, lack of money, time, or simply a truly devoted and available professional, hundreds of millions of people across the globe are not getting the emotional care they need and deserve. We wake up feeling restless and go to sleep racing against anxiety.

Having a hard time overcoming a breakup or dealing with a harsh boss or family member might not seem like issues demanding of a licensed professional’s attention. But over time, these micro-pressures tend to add up, at times resulting in grave emotional complications. Out of fear of showing weakness, we struggle alone… until we can struggle no more.

It is said that no one can solve our problems for us. True. But as unique as our worries often feel, more often than not they have common roots. This means that some considerable time has already been spent on figuring them out. The approaches are numerous and out there. Still, setting off on a journey to restore our inner peace and balance remains the tough part.

The rapid advance of the Internet, social media and smartphone apps has resulted in countless attempts of overcoming this barrier. Today, numerous websites and apps offer counseling possibilities that are more affordable, available, time-saving and discreet than an appointment at your local therapist or counselor. Recent studies show that the effects of platforms such as BetterHelp or Talkspace are more than comparable to those of traditional therapy. Still, the barrier remains almost intact.

Let us take a closer look at these services. They mainly offer a chance to text with a traditional therapist or counselor. Chatting with a psychologist via the smartphone app is cheaper and indeed better than nothing, but the fact that two persons cannot see each other can seriously damage the conversation. Some services also offer so-called “teletherapy”, or video-conferencing, but they do it for a considerably higher price. Another limitation is that sometimes we are simply not looking for what conventional psychology has to offer. Luckily enough, today there are services devoted to overcoming this obstacle.

Websites such as Online Distance Healing set out on a mission to push the boundaries of these pioneering projects. They rely primarily on video-conferencing approach and gather licensed practitioners of various disciplines, techniques, and sciences from all over the world, thus offering you a chance to find the one that suits your needs. All that from the comfort of your home.

What is even more compelling, in case of ODH, it turns out to be an overall much cheaper solution as well. The project is based in Eastern Europe, a developing region famous for its brain power, education and scientific innovation. Combining their knowledge and creativity, these forward thinkers are bridging the gap between those with the ability to heal – and millions of people looking to restore inner peace and balance. Could the future of spiritual healing be right at our fingertips?

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