NBC Investigation Unravels The Threats Posed by Some IVC filter Implants

An informative 3-part series by NBC News investigation report highlights the risk of problems with Bard IVC filters, which are small filters implanted in the vena cava to prevent blood clots from travelling to the lungs and causing pulmonary embolism. Serious concerns have been raised, including whether the manufacturer told all it knew about potentially fatal damages associated with the devices.

Over the course of a decade, at least 27 deaths have been associated with the Recovery filter, a spider-shaped apparatus that is inserted into the largest vein in the body. The Recovery, a one-and-a-half-inch metal trap was designed to sit inside a major vein, the vena cava, and block blood clots from travelling to the hearts or the lungs, where they could be deadly. Instead, in many cases the device is migrating, fracturing, perforating, or actually causing clogs and in some cases this has turned out to be deadly for device recipient.

Dodi Froehlich, 45, got hers after severe injuries in a 2004 car accident put her at high risk for clots. The filter was supposed to stop them from reaching her heart or lungs; instead, it nearly killed her. Four months after it was implanted, she developed a severe headache and passed out. “In that two seconds of being in the ambulance, I started flat-lining,” Froehlich told NBC News. Testing revealed a piece of the filter had broken off and pierced her heart, and she had to have emergency open-heart surgery.

“My family was notified,” she said. “The priest was brought in.” Fortunately, surgeons were able to remove the broken piece during emergency open-heart surgery and save Froehlich’s life, but not all Recovery recipients have been so lucky.

In 2002, medical giant C.R. Bard recruited Kay Fuller, a veteran regulatory specialist to help secure FDA clearance for its recovery blood clot filter, after the agency had turned down a previous application. NBC News reported that Fuller raised concerns about how Bard handled that application. According to Fuller, the company failed to provide her with important test results and that a clinical trial raised concerns.

Fuller told NBC, “I was pretty concerned, there were going to be problems with this product.” However, when she voiced those concerns, she was told that she would be removed from the team if she continued to pursue the matter. “I was shocked,” she told the NBC investigation.

The lawsuit involving the IVC Filter states the manufacturers of the IVC blood clot devices failed to warn patients and physicians of the increased risk of the filters breaking, and metal fragments moving through the blood, potentially damaging an organ and evidence suggests that the manufacturers have placed their desire for profits ahead of patient safety.

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