Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa, Neodocto’s CEO and President receives a grand welcome at Burtuk Helipad, Gangtok Civil Aviation Department, Sikkim, India to eradicate malaria in Sikkim.

Neodocto Foundation’s President and CEO was welcomed from Burtuk-Helipad, Department of Civil Aviation, Sikkim, India to facilitate Malaria Eradication in Sikkim.[ Top Left – Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa Lands in Gangtok, Sikkim. Top Right- Sharing a Happy moment with Captain Akshay Mehrotra (President’s right) and Captain A.S. Parmar (President’s left). Bottom left- President discussing Strategies, Bottom right – Neodocto’s Colloboration with Civil Aviation at Burtuk-Helipad, Sikkim.
Neodocto’s Malaria Eradication Program has been full heartedly welcomed by many state ministers, Mayors and significant Charitable institutions. Sikkim’s Civil aviation department was a recent addition to join the collaboration to eradicate malaria from India.

Manhattan, New York – April 9th, 2018 – After travelling Southwest, West, Northwest and Northern states of India, Neodocto Foundation’s Malaria Eradication Program has now reached the foot hills of Gangtok, Capital city of Sikkim, India. The North eastern states of India have a higher incidence of Malaria along with few western states of India due to thick forest, heavy rainfall and poor water drainage.

Madhukar Sanneerappa, Neodocto’s CEO and President was welcomed full heartedly by Captain A.S. Parmar and Captain Akshay Mehrotra from Burtuk-Helipad, Civil Aviation Department, Sikkim, to facilitate initiatives and collaboration with various ministries to eradicate Malaria from the beautiful state of Sikkim.

While flying on the Bell 407 helicopter, Mr. Madhukar and his team took Ariel view photographs which would further help the NeoDocto team to strategically plan and deploy resources to decrease malaria in the state of Sikkim.

Due to difficulty in road transport, he was briefed about the importance of air travel in Sikkim and other hilly states. Civil Aviation Department in Sikkim is kept busy by its tourism counterpart to enrich visitors. Both Captains felt very proud and told that it was a very elated moment to have welcomed Neodocto’s President and CEO, USA to Gangtok, Sikkim.

India is the fourth highest country recording malaria deaths in the world. As per World Health Organization around 95% of this population live in malaria endemic areas, of which 20% stay in tribal, hilly, hard to reach or inaccessible areas.   

Madhukar Sanneerappa is known for leadership, entrepreneurship and expertise in technology.  Being a founder of NeoDocto, he oversees the key functions of global sales, delivery and business operations. He drives NeoDocto’s key processes, systems and policies, client relationship management, sales performance, excellence in quality and talent management. NeoDocto healthcare app is the result of his technological revolutionary thought and NeoDocto foundation shows his social responsibility to make this world a better place to live. He is also an author of a well know internet security book “Ethical Truths of Windows”.  

Malaria is a very deadly disease killing thousands of people year by year. It can be caused by a bite of female anopheles mosquito. Infected individuals can develop fever, sweating, rash, extreme tiredness, anemia, severe abdominal pain. In extreme cases they can develop altered sensorium and stroke. They can be treated with simple antimalarial tablets, however if very sick will need strong intravenous antimalarial injections. Neodocto Foundation tackles each part of the transmission of disease by providing health education. Early diagnosis, prompt treatment and prevention of complications.

About NeoDocto:

NeoDocto is a digital healthcare platform evolved to serve the global population with a wide range of healthcare services on a finger tap away through mobile app. It is headquartered in New York, USA and operates in 81 countries all over the world.  The primary objective of NeoDocto is to make healthcare services affordable, accessible, anytime, anywhere.

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