Meet Chrislene George: A female Basketball Star

Basketball is the greatest game ever invented; it carries with it the need to be disciplined. Hence only disciplined players excel in the game. And it doesn’t matter how athletic you are, if you are not disciplined, you won’t get to the career height you desire. But despite the hustle and bustle in the WNBA, there is an inch that attracts fans to Chrislene George. Chrislene is Haitian and an American. Her skills and passion towards the Basketball sport have made her stand out among her peers.

Chrislene is a perfect enigma; she is a fulfilled Basketball player and with the gusto, she is marked as the next upcoming player to be in the WNBA. Although Basketball is popularly viewed as a rather difficult sport and energy exacting yet Chrislene has excelled still. Her strength and pace is a misery to all her fans. Her Basketball career has brought her to public light, this is irrespective of the several challenges she has faced on the path to her career.

Chrislene is very quick in the game and her speed has been noticed by everyone who watches her play. Speed is essential for defense; there are a number of different sprints that Chrislene possesses and this has placed her on a higher pedestal than her colleagues. Chrislene also doubles as a fashion editor. Hence she wants to be sponsored by the shoe companies that she loves and support. The passion which she has placed toward the art is reflected in her want to create an opportunity in the fashion industry.

And just as Skylar Diggins achieved the WNBA best players for years; Chrislene is in the path to bag such glorious feat. Her Basketball skills and amazing passion for the game is cultivated and projected in the court. She has the skills to pass and shoot the ball, when she wants. Yet she has accomplished several stunts on the pitch that would convince every novice about the stellar skills she posses. Her inspirations are Steph Curry and Skylar Diggins.

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