Matricon Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Produce PocKit | The Smart Adventure Kit

The PocKit is a smart and versatile gadget:  Compact and waterproof, this small yet power-packed gadget contains a built-in portable charger, flashlight, Bluetooth speaker, and anti-theft alarm and proximity tracker.

Inspired by a love of the hills and mountains surrounding Hong Kong, the PocKit was created to replace bulky items such as a flashlight, portable charger, and music player.  With a waterproof design, the PocKit is perfect to take on any adventure, whether in the woods, on the hiking trail, or by the river.

Compact, versatile, and affordable, the PocKit is perfect for everyday use, backpacking, hiking, camping, at home, or even at parties.  Any and all everyday adventures that come along.

Features of the PocKit

The PocKit is a handy little device that packs a large number of features into the smallest space possible.  Such features include:

  • Bluetooth TWS Speaker – Delivering 5 hours of music, the PocKit also has Bluetooth Tooth Wireless capability.

  • Portable Charger – Charge any smartphone device on the go with the 4000mAh power bank.

  • Multifunction Flashlight – A built-in flashlight operates via a smartphone, with a timer, or may be configured to blink or pulse in any way directed.  Convert text into flashing Morse code or sync the lights to music.

  • Proximity Detection and Anti-Theft Alarm – When the proximity detection feature is turned on, if the PocKit and the connected smartphone are separated, an alarm will sound.

  • App Driven – A mobile app allows users to set timers, control the LED, and many other functions.

  • Morse Code Generator – Type any message into the mobile app and the PocKit’s bright flashlight begins sending the message in Morse code; perfect for communicating across long distances.

  • IPX5 Waterproof – Take the PocKit anywhere there is water, such as boating, the shower, camping, or in the rain.

  • Slim and Portable – Designed with the same length and width as a smartphone, the PocKit fits easily into a pocket or other small space.

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at, features pledge levels from HK$10 to HK$235, with rewards including a heartfelt thank you from the PocKit team, an early bird special for a PocKit, to a retailer bundle.  For more information, visit the Kickstarter page.

About PocKit | The Smart Adventure Kit:  

The PocKit is an all-in-one portable charger, Bluetooth speaker, flashlight, and anti-theft alarm that is the size of a smartphone. 

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