Marky Stein Releases Much-Anticipated Fifth Book, The 10 Minute Career Coach: 21 Success Stories

USA – Ms. Marky Stein is adding yet another tome to her impressive literary output. The celebrated career consultant, presenter and author has recently released her fifth book, titled The 10 Minute Career Coach: 21 Success Stories, which focuses on providing solid and concise advice with regards to achieving career success.

Written in a professional, yet accessible tone, The 10 Minute Career Coach makes for the perfect reference guide for life coaches, career consultants, and job seekers alike. The books’ 21 “short, but incisive” chapters are filled with expert tips and techniques on how to “enhance every strand” of one’s career.

Providing a wealth of advice on a wide range of subjects, The 10 Minute Career Coach covers the importance of body language; the concept of radical reframing; handling salary negotiations; how to go about with asking powerful questions; rebranding; guided visualization, and much more.

Speaking of her latest book, Ms. Stein said that “Transforming one’s career into one that is filled with success and accomplishment is easier than one might think. With the help of The 10 Minute Career Coach anyone can take the first steps towards a more fulfilling career, and life as a whole!”

Ms. Stein’s previous book, Fearless Interviewing, was referred to as one of the “100 Best Career Books of All Time”, and one of the most “Inspirational Books That Every Job Seeker Should Read”. A contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Ms. Stein has worked for the past 25 years in private practice, outplacement, international relocation, academia, corporate Fortune 100 and 500, non-profit, vocational rehabilitation and government settings, where she coaches individuals, groups and classrooms; while, in 2015, LinkedIn recognized her as “one of the nation’s top career experts”.

The 10 Minute Career Coach is the crystallization of Ms. Stein’s quarter-of-a-century experience in the fields of career mentoring and professional guidance services,  working with some of the most elite staff in the nation.

The book is soon to be available through Ms. Stein’s author page.

No further information is available at this time. Ms. Stein will communicate any further milestones related to The 10 Minute Career Coach in future releases to the press.

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