LionChain partners with MasterCard to introduce a revolutionary savings card

New 6th generation cryptocurrency LionChain has collaborated with MasterCard to issue a next-generation savings card that carries multiple benefits for users. The cryptocurrency is powered with the best features of popular digital currencies and the currency has also rectified the flaws in these currencies.

Latest cryptocurrency company LionChain is pleased to announce its recent partnership with #1 credit and debit card company MasterCard. The high-profile collaboration has introduced a next-generation savings card that will enable traders to trade LionChain clips easily as well as enjoy several other benefits.

“It’s a matter of great honor for us to collaborate with MasterCard, undoubtedly the world’s greatest card company. Together we have issued a futuristic savings card which will benefit LionChain users with a number of advantages. Our joint card supports a wide range of payment methods, including Master, PayPal, Visa, UnionPay and so on. Moreover, it can withdraw cash easily from POS. Most importantly, our users can conveniently trade LionChain clips with the card. The issuance of the card is a significant milestone for us as it marks the official launch of our payment plan”, stated a leading spokesperson from LionChain.

LionChain is a 6th generation state of the art blockchain-based peer-to-peer open-source cryptocurrency. What separates LionChain from other digital currencies around is its exclusive infrastructure. The cryptocurrency is powered with all the goodness we find in the major digital currencies and more. Put simply, LionChain has corrected the flaws we complain about in these cryptocurrencies to provide us with a rectified and flawless solution. Identified by its signature token “LNC”, the cryptocurrency extends amazing investment potential for businesses.

The spokesperson highlighted the major features of LionChain to explain the various ways how the latest cryptocurrency will be extremely beneficial for businesses –

  • Easy transactions – Traditional businesses are marred with the involvement of many middlemen, brokers, and agents which automatically hikes up expenses and the burden of paperwork. But LionChain cryptocurrency focuses on direct peer-to-peer interaction during the transaction and there is no question of middlemen here.
  • Cost & time saver – As LionChain is all about direct interaction and no 3rd party is involved here, there is no issue of extended paperwork or hefty expenses. This revolutionary cryptocurrency assures amazing time and costs savings.
  • Near-zero transaction fee – Unlike bank monthly account statements that usually demand sizable transaction fees, LionChain assures a minimal near-zero transaction charge.
  • Convenient international transactions – LionChain has made it really easy for users to transact and transfer across borders without the burden of lofty fees & exchange fluctuations.
  • Top-notch security – In traditional banking, credit/debit card chargeback transactions are sometimes susceptible to fraudulent attacks. But LionChain has deployed highest grade encryption on its transactions & blockchain to eliminate any such fraudulent attempts.
  • Total ownership for users – In the conventional banking system, the bank owns the complete control on users’ funds & assets. But with LionChain, it’s the user who is in total control of his digital currency.

“LionChain is the just the thing businesses have been waiting for to step into the cryptocurrency world.”

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