Kuester CRE Shares Tips for Choosing Business Signage

In a new statement to the press, Kuester CRE reveals some of the best strategies for selecting business signage.

In order for any new business to succeed, customers need to know that it exists; they need to know where it is, what it’s called, and what services it offers. As such, it falls to the business owner to ensure clear, legible signage. In a new statement to the press, Kuester CRE shares some tips for choosing signage that truly shines.

“The most important aspect of signage is legibility,” comments Shaw Kuester, President of Kuester CRE. “You want customers to be able to look at your sign and immediately know what the business is—plain and simple.”

This means picking fonts and print styles that are clear. It also means placing your signs somewhere they can be visible from all angles and from every viewing distance. “Get rid of any obstacles that impede visibility, and be sure the signs themselves are uncluttered, with plenty of white space,” Kuester notes.

Another important tip is selecting the right color scheme. “It’s important to pick colors that get the readers’ attention, but also colors that lend themselves to readability,” Kuester affirms. “Often, this means choosing color schemes that offer maximum contrast—such as black type against a white or a yellow background.”

Font selection is another big signage concern. Here, the aim should be something clean, simple, and easily read. “You’ll generally want to avoid using multiple fonts within your signage,” Kuester notes. “While it can sometimes work if the two fonts are complementary, sticking to a single font is just easier. Additionally, be careful about using the all-caps approach, which can sometimes make things harder, not easier, to read.”

Ultimately, signage is a critical factor in the success of any brick and mortar business—and it’s important for business owners to consider all the different design factors that go into signage. “Your sign is like your calling card, and you want to make sure you get that right,” Kuester says.

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Kuester CRE boasts more than 45 years of experience in commercial real estate, plus a reputation of trust and integrity throughout the Carolinas. The company focuses on brokering and leasing retail, office, medical, land, and flex property, as well as managing commercial buildings, apartments, and student housing. Kuester CRE delivers customized solutions for landlords, tenants, and investors at every stage of the commercial real estate process. With the unique ability to cover the Western Carolinas, Piedmont, and Eastern Carolinas, Kuester offers the responsiveness of a local presence with the resources of a larger regional firm.

To learn more about Kuester CRE, visit www.kuestercommercial.com.

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