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Famously known as ’the most exciting two minutes in sports’, the Kentucky Derby has become widely popular not just for the Horse racing alone, but for a unique element of fashion – Derby hats. The most attended horse racing event in the Whole of North America has on parade every year, some of the most unique hats anyone will ever see – at least until the next derby. Inspired by the British bowler hats, the Kentucky Derby hat had a rounded crown and is a hard felt hat.

It is somewhat paradoxical that one of the reasons for the widespread popularity of the Kentucky Derby is the Derby hats. Historically, horse-racing events were considered a gathering of the Commons, an event not fit for women and children. Gambling, drinking and some other social vices were on parade at these events and the novelty considered them events to be absconded.

The founder of the Derby, Mr. Clark craved an event that will be attended and loved by all. This strong desire inspired the introduction of Kentucky Derby Hats for women and the Fedora hats for men and the hats in no time stimulated a revolution in fashion at the horse racing event.

The derby hats became a must have item of fashion and soon, only the richest could afford the best hats. The Kentucky Derby thus became a place of fashion, where nobles and commons alike try to outshine themselves by parading the latest fashion items, most especially, the Derby hats.

Hats are a unique item of fashion, fit for virtually all occasions, serving to make the wearer look classy and stunning as well as protecting from extremes of the weather. For anyone thinking about owning any hat at all, the Kentucky Derby Hats are sure the best around. The Kentucky Derby Hats are on sale in the United States and picking one is a decision anyone will never regret.

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