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Jovani is rewarding its YouTube subscribers every week with different items from their stores.

The designing brand has recently launched a new promo rewarding their followers on their YouTube channel with premium gifts. Every week Jovani, a premier designer and tailor for women’s apparel gives away dresses, makeup, yoga sets and other items to its YouTube subscribers. To enter the contest users should subscribe, comment on its videos and email personal information. Ten weekly winners will be selected and announced on Jovani’s YouTube channel; for the third Week of March 2018 winners are: Angela Eagle, Shirley Hollick, Nadia Elise, Reilly Vanlanen, Colyse Irakoze, Iris McMahan, Valerie Salcedo, Morgan Storm, keilanna brown, gracie Gumm, Kayla Moody, SnowBlossoms.

The JOVANI Giveaway contest is open to all US and Canadian residence only. All the contest results are published on Jovani’s social media channels and their website. The Giveway contest is preceding the launch of their new Jovani homecoming dresses collection already announced by the brand weeks ago.

Trends that win the fashion agenda in 2018

Color is the focal point of spring/summer 2018 – the brighter, the better. Most fashion designers adopted different subsets of bohemianism, which was popular a few years ago. Considering that minimalism is no longer perceived as fashionable, rainbow-hued fabrics that would make anyone turn their heads on the street are the main goal of this year. A relaxed vibe with no matching rules included should do the job.  Fashion is continuously changing, and lately, it seems to be more and more influenced by technological advancements. The industry is nowadays strongly influenced by the smart approach the technology allows fashion designers and manufacturers to incorporate in their creations. Thus the manufacturing processes are shifting from industrial sewing machines to 3D printers, from traditional trend researchers to big data analysis and so on. But, what will be the trends that will modify the fashion industry in 2018? Below are some of those.

And no, we’re not speaking about casual-smart trends. But something more like the “cognitive dress” worn by top model Karolina Kurnikova at the 2018 Met Gala. Her impressive, romantic dress was a responsive one, which lightened up at every mention of the model on social media. While the 150 led lights were certainly impressive to watch, the most impressive aspect about her dress was the fact that, besides the enormous efforts of her two designers to create the astounding dress, the contribution of intelligent IBM Watson algorithm. However, this doesn’t mean that the great efforts of fashion designers will be replaced by algorithms. Incorporating algorithms in fashion needs that an input will always have to be introduced in order to create an output, and this is highly unlikely to happen in the near future. The pace at which fashion is evolving nowadays, based on social media trends, fashion blogger inspiration and colour palettes is difficult to keep up with, if we’re discussing algorithms, and while this may result in more intelligent fashion and clothing articles, the final goal is difficult to accomplish.

Futurism at its best

While capsule wardrobes and minimalist fashion have been on a rise in the past few years, 2018 seems to be a game-changer in the industry. Consumers likewise are oftentimes overwhelmed by the late developments in the fashion industry and the continuous changes. This way, more and more millennials and not only choose minimalistic designs, in neutral colours and with roughly any shape. “Nomcore” seems to be the name of this trend and it has been adopted with success by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner. The entire philosophy behind this trend is wearing on purpose clothing that don’t have any shape or form. But if we pay close attention, this trend seems to also signal power and influence as it has been rocked in the past with high rates of success by Steve Jobs. And apparently, nowadays’ young generations are more than happy to ditch the ever-changing clothing styles and fashion trends and go for more stable ones.

We’ve seen futurism trends in the past few years too, but 2018 is an open gate to futuristic fashion. Specialists refer to it as post-human fashion. The clothes that are part of this category usually imitate robots and other tech-driven designs of this generation. Futuristic clothes are not focused on the way they look, but on their unique properties. Post-human apparel includes protective and even thermoregulated materials. In the same direction, printing clothes in 3D became a subject of discussion. In this category footwear and accessories are gaining popularity. Futurism is strictly related to the latest innovations in technology and the possible conditions humans might live into.

Wearable fashion and accessories have been a hot topic of discussion in the past few years. Recently, besides the fitness wearable that emerged on the market a few years back, nowadays we have smart shorts, interactive clothing pieces and with these, new gates in the fashion industry are expected to open.

The fashion industry in 2018 is still going to evolve based on the same-old-patterns but given the technological advancements and the rates at which those are integrated into everyday fashion, we expect great mutation of the industry in the following years. 

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