Joel M Levin Dedicates His New Book To The 2016 World Championship of Chicago Cubs and Their Fans

Physician, Musician, Sports Fan and Author Joel M. Levin releases his latest book this summer entitled Holy Cow, Black Cats, and Billy Goats.

Riverwoods, IL – June 9, 2018 – Author Joel M. Levin was inspired by the 2016 Chicago Cubs world championship. The Author was glad after waiting seventy-one years of this championship to happen – it has finally come. He experienced flashing memories and emotions returning to1945 where he witnessed his first ball game. As his memories flashed back, he wrote down and shared the treasure of his mind with his readers.

The story begins with a young boy whose family experienced the worst times in America: both depression and impending war. The boy started life as a loyal Chicago Cubs fan and remain true in his lifetime. This book is not considered a memoir, but an examination and reflection of life as time moved on and how the author experienced it.

Once again, it is from the vantage point of a sports fan. Call it a trilogy as it tells about three: the world at large, its impact on the author, and the destiny of the Chicago Cubs along the long, winding path to becoming the best team in baseball.

There are lots of references to the music of the time and is seasoned with humor, poetic expressions and a creative glimpse of curses, superstitions, and symbolization. The story opens with a young fan sitting in the bleachers. Every Cubs fan in Joel Levin’s age group has a unique story to tell. The best part has they reached the finish line together, seeing their lovable losers as the last team standing.

The book is now available on the Amazon store, and the author can be contacted on the following social media links:




About Dr Joel Levin

Joel M. Levin, M.D. is a physician, musician, a veteran, a Cubs Fan, and an author. He raised his family with his late wife Donna, in the West Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago. He considers his most significant accomplishment in his marriage and writes about his “Dance of Life” in his recent book “Our Beguine”. An avid supporter and fan of Chicago Cubs, he wrote all about them in his second book, entitled “Holy Cow, Black Cats, and Billy Goats” where he shares his passion and memories of being a Cubs Fan for over 70 years.

Joel Levin personal/favorite quote: People approach me and inquire if the Cubs will achieve victory within this lifetime and always answers in the same way: “How many years do you plan to live this world? This shows how people are aware of his love for baseball.

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