ProLenser Poised to make waves in the Lenses Replacing Industry!

Brooklyn, New York City – July 3rd, 2017 ProLenser, an innovative company, located in Brooklyn, New York, makes an affirmative entry into the Lens Replacement Industry. With an array of ingenious services offered to all eyewear users, especially those who own old frames they hate to discard or throw away, ProLenser is sure to become a highly-rated outfit, We tried there service to replace lenses on a old oakley eyeglasses and the whole process took 7 days.

The mission of ProLenser is simple: To keep your favorite glasses or shades on your face. Whether the old lenses are scratched, your prescription got changed, or you want a better progressive lens, the company’s site lets you replace your lenses. These services cost you from $49 only, including free shipping both ways.

The process is quite easy. You are sent a Prepaid USPS Postage Label that will enable you to send your frame/glasses to them, and have it shipped back to you, using overnight shipping. You will get your glasses back within 3-5 business days after your order has been received.

ProLenser allows users to select exactly the kind of lenses they prefer in a simple single page form. Information required on the include prescription distance, progressive or plain UV400 Lenses, a range of branded and tinted lens options, including Transitions, Drive Wear, and Polarized and Mirrored lenses. Prices are displayed immediately according to the prescription entered. The company could work with any shape of frames, and can even replace the trippy, colored lenses of Snap Inc.’s Spectacles if you don’t like them. The company replaces these with transitional tinted lenses that are clear in low light and dark in the glare of the sun. This encourages those who wear the video-capturing Spectacles to use them regularly, to take “snaps” both indoors and outdoors.

ProLenser loves the Drive Wear Polarized and Transitions® option prescription lenses they offer. These lenses have the advantage of removing glare off the road and the car hood, giving ideal color and clarity for driving.


ProLenser is a company in Brooklyn that specializes in fitting top quality branded lenses in your frame and making the process incredibly easy, and it could be an old frame, a frame you bought in an online store or if your prescription has changed.

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