Hubiz Kickstarter Campaign will Fund First Audio-Based Game Console

Frankfort, Germany – June 10, 2018 – Edris Afzali, co-founder of Hubiz, announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for the first ever audio-based gaming console that can accommodate up to 14 players at once. The German startup seeks to raise $100,000 to begin mass production in eight months.

“With Hubiz, we want to bring back the joy of spending time with family and friends,” said Afzali. “People have the opportunity to play against each other in different games such as quizzes, music-guessing, mathematics, dice games, IQ tests and other challenging games. Hubiz will provide individuals with a modern console and a huge variety of games.”

Hubiz is a smart game console that enables game play via a phone. It contains a built-in speaker and multiple connected dice that function as controllers. The dice have six buttons, one on each side, allowing gamers to play by either pressing the buttons or rolling the dice. The Hubiz talks to players or asks questions appropriate to the game that’s being played and answers are given via the dice controllers.

The final prototype has been developed and extensively tested. The smart game console is designed with a rechargeable battery that provides gamers with all the portability advantages of classic board and card games. It’s easy to set up and there’s no need for other devices and inconvenient power plug-ins.

Stylish and colorful, the design encourages game play in groups. Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity allows individuals to play while camping, hiking, in the park, on a road trip, or during impromptu gatherings at home. It offers a new dimension in party gaming, can be utilized as an educational tool, and creative player networks can be formed.

“Instead of communicating and laughing with each other when we get together, most people are busy with their smartphones,” said Afzali. “We at Hubiz believe that these “everybody-is-doing-their-own-stuff situations are caused by a lack of good and simple entertainment opportunities. Our solution is Hubiz.”

The Kickstarter campaign will allow Hubiz to fund mass production of its unique and revolutionary new game console designed to bring people together and have them put down their phones. Highly portable, Hubiz is the first audio-based game console and is destined to change the paradigm of how people play together.

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