How to Put Multiple Links in Instagram Bio? Fololink Has All The Answers

MISSISAUGA, ONTARIO – June 22nd, 2018 – With the growing issue of adding multiple links to one’s Instagram bio frustrating Instagram influences across the board, one team of expert developers made it its mission to figure out a permanent solution that would make maintaining a strong presence in the app easier than ever before. The result was Fololink, a tool that solves the problem of linking with Instagram “in a clean and good way”.

Users need simply register to Fololink and create a custom link which, upon clicked, showcases a collection of other links that they can manage, at all times, through Fololink’s bespoke platform. For example, users can link to YouTube videos; SoundCloud songs; their Twitch Channel or other social media profiles and have them appear neatly and in order on the designated bio space on their Instagram profiles.

“We created Fololink with the intention of introducing a new era to the way influencers position themselves on Instagram” said Mr. Pankaj Sharma, Fololink’s media representative. “Too often, sponsorship agreements dictate that ad content should appear linked in influencers’ bio sections. As a result, influencers have had to frequently change their bios, confusing their followers in the process. What’s more, by doing that, they effectively compromised their outreach potential by having to remove other links from their bio, such as the rest of their social media profile links, or links to content from their monetized YouTube or Twitch channels.”

“Fololink’s slogan is “Never change your bio link again” – and we deliver just that. Everyone using our platform benefits from never having to tinker with their Instagram bio ever again when an opportunity for a sponsorship comes their way. Instead, they can use their energy into fueling their creative endeavors.”

A demo profile demonstrating an Instagram bio formatted using Fololink can be viewed here.

Those interested in using Fololink can register to its platform though the dedicated registration form found on the company’s website, or by opting to log in using their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

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