HerbaFrame Launches Indiegogo Campaign for New Health, Detox and Weight Control Products with Real Benefits

Detox and weight loss products are notorious for their overpromises and failing to deliver on health benefits. HerbaFrame aims to change that with its crowdfunding campaign for new herbal product development, which will focus on three key factors: health, beauty and weight control.

Although many do not have enough time, an exclusive focus on health matters or are unable to put checks on weight gain, everyone wants to look and feel their best. HerbaFrame wants to put their aims in its frame by researching and marketing natural herbal products that have real benefits.

HerbaFrame has recently gained attention of the health conscious with the popularity of its Tea Tox package. With crowdfunding revenue, it is seeking to introduce two new products, Evening Detox Tea and Detox Capsules. With further growth, it will continue to launch 2-3 products in the market every year.

The HerbaFrame Tea Tox is a special kind of tea that cleanses the body of accumulated toxins and other effects of living in a polluted environment. The tea aims to set a new standard for health and wellness industry as a natural solution to wellbeing, giving users the three sought after goals of health, beauty and weight control. The product has already made it to EcoKarma’s list of the Best Detox Teas of 2018.

The upcoming Evening Detox Tea is made with all natural ingredients such as lotus leaves, senna leaves, dry whole Goji berries, hawthorn, cassia seeds, dandelion and more. Detox Capsules will bring the goodness and healing powers of ingredients such as African mango, fennel seeds, cascara sagrada, ginger, goldenseal, pumpkin seeds, licorice root, rhubarb and more.

There are far too many products out there that are either void of health benefits or lack a safety guarantee. HerbaFrame will set a higher standard for health & wellness products. I take this mission very seriously, and with your all-important support, I intend to see it through to completion,” says Anne, Founder, HerbaFrame, who has founded the organization single handedly.

The HerbaFrame detox teas are manufactured in FDA registered and certified facilities of the biggest and most experienced tea manufacturers. The Detox Capsules too will be made in the US in GMP and FDA certified facilities.

The HerbaFrame – Health products with real health benefits Indiegogo campaign is currently live with attractive goodies and perks for backers. Those who wish to contribute to HerbaFrame’s objectives are welcome to support its campaign by sharing it on social media platforms.

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