FilmIsNow Action Movie Trailers drops trailer to Russia’s third top-grossing film, Nikolay Bebedev’s seven-time winner and action-thriller, ‘THE CREW’, as Guatemala faces its recent fatal volcano eruption and their unsung heroes of rescuers.

Los Angeles, CA – June 9, 2018 –

At last, award-winning writer-director Nikolay Lebedev’s top-grossing Russian action-packed flight disaster, ‘THE CREW’, will touch down for its long-anticipated U.S. release exclusively from TriCoast Entertainment on June 25th.

As the second-ever Russian film show using a 3D IMAX camera and the film’s utilization of mind-blowing special effects, spectacular VFX graphics, and GFI stunts, Lebedev’s (‘The Star’, ‘Legend No. 17’) ‘THE CREW’ (aka ‘Flight Crew’) has produced an enormous cinematic revolution and success in their native film industry – grossing about $23 million in Russia alone, was Russia’s best-performing homegrown film of 2016, and has remained the third top-grossing movie in Russia overall. At the 2017 APKIT Awards, ‘THE CREW’ was awarded seven-prestigious wins – Special Prize, Golden Eagle Award – Best Feature Film, Best Visual Effects, Best Supporting Actor, Best Music, Best Film Editing, and Best Feature Film.

Long anticipated for its U.S. release, this June action-lovers will embark on the dangerous, elevated action-adventure film, resulting a thrill-of-a-lifetime. “Lebedev’s firm-handed steering and superbly filmed action scenes ensure that the mid-air heroics are always believable,” wrote Scroll.In’s Nandini Ramnath on the film’s arrival in India, adding that the English version “navigates turbulence and preposterousness to deliver edge-of-the-seat thrills.” ‘THE CREW’ follows three pilots that take international flight when suddenly signaled about an erupting volcano that has disastrous, lava-spewing, fatal results. Starring one of Russia’s hottest stars, Danila Kozlovsky as the protagonist of Alexey Gushchin, the flight crew attempts a courageous, selfless rescue mission, similar to today’s rescuers in Hawaii and Guatemala.

While Hawaii’s Mount Kilauae volcano eruption the Big Island has shot smoke 30,000 feet in the air and evacuated over 2,000 people with zero death tolls, the people of Guatemala are experiencing a volcano nightmare even more catastrophic, the 3,763-meter (12,346-feet) Volcan de Fuego or Fuego Volcano (meaning of “Volcano of Fire”), which erupted on Sunday near the city of Antigua. The volcano’s location-shattering eruption “has left an estimated 85 people dead and some 200 missing,” reported ReutersSofia Menchu, describing Guatemala-area blanketed with volcanic rock and ash. As both expose the harsh and realistic examples of Mother Nature’s unforeseen actions and natural disasters, Guatemala’s volcanic eruption is considerably more fatal than Hawaii’s due to the release of pyroclastic flow. Superheated, pyroclastic flow, which is a “nasty mix of ash, rock, and volcanic gases that can be much more dangerous than lava,” reported CNN’s Holly Yan, while Hawaii’s Mount Kilauae’s force of destruction was almost solely lava. CNN cited that pyroclastic flows are rapid, up to hundreds of kilometers per hour compared to lava, which surges at hundreds of meters per hour, said Erik W. Klemetti, associate professor of geosciences at Denison University. 

Despite widespread devastation, rescue workers quickly gathered pickaxes and flashlights to embark on the dangerous rescue mission, “risking their own lives in search of victims or a miracle survivor,” continued Reuter’s Menchu. The article quoted Diego Lorenzana, 25-year-old rescuer, “We can only work in places where we can stand on the roofs of houses… because the ash is very hot. There are places where you stick the pickaxe or rod in and we see a lot of smoke coming out and fire and it’s impossible to keep digging because we could die.”

While headlines about worldwide volcanic eruptions spread like rapid pyroclastic flow, ‘THE CREW’ showcases the real-life scenario of today’s world inhabitants, suffering from the wrath of natural disasters and highlighting rescuers as the world’s unsung heroes – self-sacrificing, brave, and noble. Catastrophic natural disasters can be sudden – will you be saved? Find out for yourself, FilmIsNow Action Movie Trailers recently posted the trailer for ‘THE CREW’ here:

‘THE CREW’ will be available on VOD platforms June 25th featuring an authentic and fantastic Russian cast alongside Kozlovsky, including Vladimir Mashkov (‘Mission: Impossible’, ‘Daddy’), Agne Grudyte (‘Nyukhach’, ‘Single Valentine’), Sergey Gazarov (‘Revizor’, ‘12’), Katerina Shiptsa (‘Metro’, ‘Project’, ‘Gemini’), Sergey Shakurov (‘Brezhnev’, ‘Velikaya’) and Sergey Romanovich (‘Pitch’). For press inquires, please contact

THE CREW (2018, 101 min.) Directed by Nikolay Lebedev. Editor: Aleksey Bobrov. Cinematography: Irek Hartowicz. Original Music: Artem Vassiliev. Russia, Cambodia, French, Russian, English. Three T Productions, Vserossiyskaya Gosudarstvennaya Televizionnaya i Radioveshchatelnaya Kompaniya (VGTRK), Central Partnership, TriCoast Entertainment.

Production companies: Three T Productions, Vserossiyskaya Gosudarstvennaya Televizionnaya i Radioveshchatelnaya Kompaniya (VGTRK).

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