Gilberto Ayala, Independent Music Artist Launches Kickstarter Project

Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, Invites Backers and Aims to Use Funds to Release Music Albums by 2019

Gilberto Ayala, an independent music artist, musician, songwriter and singer is pleased to announce the launch of his Kickstarter Project. The project was initiated requesting backers, supporters and music lovers to fund his music albums and music videos. Gilberto first started his project in August 2017. The album is based on the Mariachi theme wherein the music will primarily consist of violins for which Gilberto had hired Mariachi violinist maestros. So far the project was self-funded and since it involves the most expensive Mariachi production, the artist is requesting for backers and supporters on Kickstarter.

The artist aims at utilizing the funds for his project completion without any delay. The funds will help him launch his music albums and music videos sooner than expected. Gilberto’s dream is to travel places and be able to sing before all those who love and appreciate music. Movies, children, relationships, love, anger and emptiness have always been the inspiration for Gilberto. His Mariachi album is a product of such inspirations and is developed with themes related to culture, love, traditions, insecurities and that life is not easy at all times. “I believe that my music has universal messages for anybody”, says Gilberto. “Some of my music is about politics, protest, etc. but most of it is about everyday life and to making it better”, further adds Gilberto.

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About Gilberto Ayala

Gilberto Ayala is an independent artist, a musician, songwriter and a singer. Gilberto has started his own music album in August 2017 and simultaneously started a fundraising project on Kickstart to successfully launch his albums and music videos by 2019.

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