Company Vakil is a GST Registration Online Platform that helps you in Goods and Service Tax i.e. GST Registration in India at most affordable prices with help of its highly Expert CA, CS and Legal Consultants
Company Vakil is a GST Registration Online Portal in India, that provides Goods and Service Tax Registration i.e. GST Registration in India at most Affordable prices and gets GST Registration Online for its clients along with free consultations regarding Goods and Service Tax Registration in India

Company Vakil, a tech legal start-up that works on providing services related to legal registration to its clients. Company Vakil works on GST Registration in India and a variety of other GST related services and requirements. Complete your GST registration process in a completely online process with Company Vakil and their affordable prices.

The government is the protector of the people, and they work to give the citizens all the rights and duties that come with this duty. For this, the government earns revenue from the citizens in the form of taxes levied upon them for various goods and services and even their income. It is with money collected through taxation that roads are constructed, organizations funded and the system is kept functional.

Taxation under Indian law is levied as direct and indirect taxes. Direct taxation is in the form of income tax levied on the people for income from all sources. People are divided into various tax slabs and on the basis of that taxes are levied. Indirect taxes, on the other hand, are levied indirectly on the provision of goods and services to customers. Previously there was a variety of such indirect taxation, such as VAT, Excise, etc. However, in 2017, the government passed the Goods and services tax Act which brought with it a completely new system of indirect taxation. The Act repealed and replaced several other existing forms of taxation.

The Goods and Service Tax Committee was established and a draft law made in 2000 and was finally passed 17 years later. Under the new system, a uniform system of indirect taxation was brought up that replaced the old system of multiple taxes. A destination based tax, it functions by imposing a tax at various different stages. The tax is levied in the form of a central GST, Integrated GST and State GST. Goods and services are produced and provided at various stages and tax is levied at all of them. Under GST Online the tax is consumed at the final stage of consumption.

Under the laws, any person who carries out any activity that is taxable, they need to register for GST India. Performing or carrying out a business anywhere in the territory of our country also requires GST Registration in India. Persons who were registered for indirect taxation under previous laws such as VAT, service tax, etc., also need to register since these older forms of taxation have been replaced by GST Registration Online. Trade and commerce activities, especially those pertaining to goods and services also need to be registered online under GST registration in India. A firm, LLP, company or individual are also under an obligation to complete GST Online Registration in India. Conduct of business or any other commercial activity without registering under Goods and Services Tax in India is a criminal offense. The offense is punishable with a 10% of the entire taxable amount. The minimum for this is set at Rs. 10,000. Where a person has avoided GST registration in India with the intention of tax evasion then the liability can be as much as 100 percent of it. The online GST Portal available on the government’s GST website also holds other details that one may want to know and clarify upon.

Registering for Goods and Service Tax in India is a very simple process. Through the online portal, it takes as little as 2-6 working days. The government portal is quite easy to navigate as well. The online GST Portal Login page needs to be opened first and one needs to submit some details such as the PAN number, phone number, and email address, both of which should be working and a GST REG – 01 form needs to be filled out. These details will be verified and after that, an applicant must fill out the GST REG – 02 form. After this, the Online GST Registration Portal will provide a few other forms that need to be filled out by an applicant. A person can complete his online GST registration process through 11 steps that can take between 5-7 days.

At Company Vakil, Online Goods and Service Tax registration in India is made extremely easy for all of the customers and clients. The applicant can simply give the experts at Company Vakil some details such as the passbook of the bank, the proof of address of the business, a document showing proof of registration of the business which can be the partnership deed, the memorandum of association or the articles of association, the PAN card of the person applying for it, the proof of address of the promoters or owners of the business and a list of all the directors and their address proof and finally a cancelled cheque. The canceled cheque is required to access details like IFSC code of the Bank, other details of the branch and some details of the account holder. For further detailed Consultation on GST Registration in India visit Company vakil by Clicking Here

Within 2-6 days Company Vakil helps its clients to complete the entire online Goods and Service Tax registration process. It takes the experts at Company Vakil 2 days to acquire the Temporary Reference Number (TRN Number) and within 3-4 working days after that, the applicant will receive their Application Reference Number (ARN Number) and then GST Registration Certificate, completing the process of Goods and Services Tax registration.

Company Vakil offers its services PAN India i.e. in all the Metropolitan and Other States to Union Territories of India. The experts at Company Vakil are trained in not just law, but also company secretary and chartered accountancy. The entire GST registration process with Company Vakil is a seamless process for all the clients and customers. Company Vakil is also focused strongly on customer redressal and has a full-fledged redressal team that works with the customers to address all doubts and queries. The customers are also allowed to speak to the CEO in case the team doesn’t clarify on all the doubts. Company Vakil also caters to a money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction of the customers.

Make your GST Registration process easier and convenient with Company Vakil.

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