Genus Leasing Now Offers ‘Green Vehicles’ For Lease Such As Volvo and More

Genus Leasing has been in existence since 2001, founded through the vision of two individuals who recognised the need for much better car and vehicle leasing deals for everyone. The service is available for both business clients and personal clients, and now Genus Leasing is proud to confirm that it offers green vehicles for leasing as well.

UNITED KINGDOM – At Genus Leasing, customer service is a priority. The company was founded by Tony Davis and Alan Beckett more than 17 years ago, and it prides itself on offering a truly personalised service to its customers. Even after its long years of operations, customers can still deal directly with the owners if they have any particular questions or concerns.

As both owners confirm, “We will explain everything in a way that you will understand so you can make an educated decision. We can advise on what car, which specifications and which finance package with confidence and jargon-free clarity.” The thing about Genus Leasing is that it is fully independent, so it has the freedom to look for the most feasible and reasonable deal suitable for its customers. It doesn’t just favour one single manufacturer; in fact, Genus Leasing offers an array of manufacturers such as Audi, MINI, Peugeot, Honda, Ford, BMW, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Maserati, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, Volvo, and more.

What’s more, Genus Leasing offers no deposit deals for its customers, where those interested can simply choose from the selection available at the Genus Leasing website, choose the price they prefer per month, choose the length of the agreement or contract, choose other factors such as fuel economy, and submit their preference.

But amongst the many services and deals provided by Genus Leasing today, it now proudly offers green car leasing. One particular example of a vehicle available for leasing is the Volvo XC60, which has a twin engine, is automatic, and is a vehicle hybrid offering electric and petrol. For customers who are looking for a different type of green vehicle from the same manufacturer, Genus Leasing also offers 4-door models with saloon cars from Volvo as well as other kinds of vehicles.

Customers can easily do a search based on their budget and their preferred terms when it comes to the length of the agreement. Additionally, customers who opt for vehicle leasing with Genus Leasing today can receive free vehicle mats whilst supplies last. 

About the company:

Genus Leasing is one of the foremost specialists when it comes to vehicle leasing for customers in the UK. The company offers an array of deals, including cheap car lease deals, no deposit deals, car financing, and more. For additional information on its services, visit the Genus Leasing website.   

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