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Los Angeles, CA – December 27, 2017 –

Films to Fandango.

TriCoast Entertainment is thrilled to announce the release of 11 new titles onto Fandango – the go-to destination for million moviegoers worldwide. From supernatural thrillers to the twisted retelling of the classical fairytale Little Red Riding Hood, TriCoast Entertainment is providing a film for everyone to enjoy during this holiday while sipping hot chocolate and keeping warm by the fire.

1. “10 Days in a Madhouse” (2015) – Timothy Hines

An historical thriller capturing the first-ever female journalist, Nellie Bly, and the 10 awful days she spent undercover, locked inside Blackwell’s Island Insane Asylum. 


2. “Daddy’s Little Ballerina” (2016) 

A single father struggles to balance his professional baseball career while raising his young daughter, who is aspiring to become a prima ballerina. 


3. “K9 World Cup” (2016) – Carlos Pimentel and Nathan Sifuentes

Starring Sean Astin (“The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”) and voices of several MLS soccer players comes a story about the World Canine Pup hosted in the K9 Republic, where the players have one chance to put aside their differences and work as a team to achieve ultimate football glory. 


4. “Little Red” (2012) – Tate Bunker

The retelling of the classical fairytale Little Red Riding Hood with a dramatic twist, “LITTLE RED”, is more of a ‘cautionary tale’ rather than a ‘fairytale’ as young, naïve Red encounters the ‘Bid Bad Wolves’ of the real world.


5. “Love Addict” (2016) – Charis Orchard

A Porsche-driving Los Angeles womanizing divorce attorney gets a taste of his own medicine after a hypnotherapy session goes wrong as he becomes disgusted by sex, until his psychiatrist teaches him that there’s more to a woman than the bedroom.


6. “Love on The Run” (2016) – Ash Christian

Franny (Jen Ponton) falls into a love trap when taken hostage by a the dreamy bad boy named Rick (Steve Howey, “Shameless”), as her once boring life becomes one of adventure, lust, and love. 


7. “Shadow World” (2016) – Johan Grimonprez

Based on the bestselling book by author and global arms expert, Andrew Feinstein, “SHADOW WORLD” is an enlightening, political feature length documentary, capturing the scandalous and powerful ability of society’s elite, specifically a monetary scandal involving the Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan.


8. “Stranger In The House” (2015) – Devon Gummersall

When Eve marries the man of her dreams and moves into his house haunted by his previous wife’s death, Eve falls into a waking nightmare full of madness, mystery, and suspicion. 


9. “The Brooklyn Banker” (2016) – Federico Castelluccio

This ‘70s-set gangster drama follows local banker, Santo Bastucci, who battles a life of crime and drama when encounters with New York’s crime top dog, Manny “The Hand” Misteria. 


10. “The Bunker” (2014) – Joe Black

Set in southern Vietnam of 1965, UFC legend, Ken Shamrock and WEC champion, Mike Brown, comes a fictional war story where the American special forces team goes undercover in a Northern Vietnamese bunker.


11. “The Cursed” – Joel Bender

Drawing on the rich and frightening folklore of the American South, a quaint Tennessean town begins to experience haunted evils and thrilling supernatural events when Denny White (Brad Thorton, “Kickboxer 4”) comes to town, as town members begin to disappear.   

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