Bleachwear is a Chicago based company dealing in the sale of women’s underwear. The company is also set to venture into the sale of men’s underwear, as this would be happening soon. The unique idea of the company started from their original concept of underwear having one color design on the outside and an opposite color design on the inside. Their original product being black outside/bleach white inside spawned the name Bleachwear.

The company is a unique underwear brand, and also an accurate reflection of its motto, which is; “Change the World.” The products made by the company are 100% cotton and are safe to wash with dark clothes. Their flagship products are currently available online with the introduction of more colors and designs to begin shortly.

The company’s choice of 100% cotton is known to be recommended by medical practitioners as a result of the health benefit that cotton provides while in contact with the skin. The wicks possessed by the cotton material the company uses ensure moisture from the skin can be easily taken away. Their products also have a style that feels gentle on the body.

Bleachwear products ensure that abrasions on the body are prevented through the reduced level of irritation or rubbing of the product material on the skin which all form part of the unique characteristics of the Bleachwear design.

With the different sizes made available by the company, every customer is positioned to make a choice that would be well fitting, and neither very tight or too loose. The cotton lining on the inner part of the products ensure customers are not faced with an uneasy feeling, and can go about their everyday life with ease.

The company is always more than happy to provide any information you may need in regards to their products and services. Detailed information on product pricing, service timeliness, ordering information and any other inquiry is always made available especially with their regular updates on social media, which helps to keep loyal customers in-the-know about what the company offers.

Bleachwear products can be obtained from Amazon at just $21.99, via the link below;


The company which has a Cylex profile, has gained an appreciable level of positive reviews about the products on sale. The company can be reached on Twitter, Facebook, and Google plus, via the links provided below.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bleachwearco

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/bleachwearco/?_rdc=1&_rdr

Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+BLEACHWEARChicago

Website: http://www.bleach-wear.com/

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