Epiqueline Announced Its Premier Master Piece, “Haru”, Made With Drirelease.

Epiqueline, a company that strongly emphasizes on unique design and high-tech performance fabric technology made in New York City, is excited to announce their premier Haru Collection which launched a few days ago.

Tae Yun (Mario) Kim, Founder of Epiqueline, studied design and the business of fashion during his own spare time. By collaborating with New York City local suppliers, pattern makers, designers and manufacturers, he finally launched his first collection called Haru. The collection was named after the Korean word, Haru, which stands for day by day. The purpose of this collection is to push people in developing new standards of life by integrating fashion and fitness as a primary platform for social change. Epiqueline partnered with Drirelease to ensure forever lasting performance like no other brand provides at an affordable price which consists of moisture-wicking, anti-odor, fast-drying and smooth properties.

The clothing line has a consistent style by forming a “Y” shape on the sides of both shirt and shorts in order to follow the anatomy of the body for a more natural look and best fit. A.J. Buchanan, NASM Personal Trainer and Advocare Advisor, stated that, “it’s such a nicely put together shirt and super comfortable.”

About Epiqueline

The founder was inspired by his grandma, who was diagnosed with Tuberculosis cancer in 2016 as soon as he completed the ROK Army mandatory duty. Devastated by the news, of course, she was clueless on what to do. During her recovery, Tae forced her to go for a quick jog in the park to free her mind. He was completely shocked by how much of a positive impact jogging has made. From having no hope, she soon told herself that she wanted to live until she would be able to see her grandchildren. Grateful by her positive mental change, Tae soon started working on designing products that can be worn as a motivation to push people outside of their comfort zone, remind them the importance of staying active and build a healthy community.

Crafted in Brooklyn with the best, unique, and highest quality standards of fabric technology, the Haru Collection is now available for sale at.

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