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Vlad the Impaler, as nicknamed by his former KGB colleagues, is a shadowy, elusive figure who terrifies even the most hardened intelligence officers in both the old and new Soviet spy service. He is a vicious sociopath and that remarkable fact served the rodina, the motherland, well during his long career as a sanctioned killer for the former Soviet Union. But now he is using his nefarious talents on behalf of a Middle Eastern country supporting jihad and reaping obscene profits from manipulating the international spot markets for crude oil.

Diplomatic Security Service Special Agent Dick Avery and Russian intelligence officer Ludmilla Petrova join forces to stop the madman from turning off the spigots of black gold!

Okay, we admit Dick’s not the most politically correct agent alive, and he sometimes bumbles and reminds us of what happens when you cross a certain French Inspector with a British Legume to produce an American Dick, but you have to admit that he’s as cute as a pink Rottweiler when he’s on the scent of a good case! Who says you can’t teach an ole dog new tricks?

George Larson, AKA Dick Avery, both of whom are well thought of, puns and all, here at TT, and have kept us on our toes keeping up with the fast pace with which a former spy guy is used to working/moving once he is given a directive. We’ve decided to include a few of the particulars here, and then we’re going to snatch a more colorful segment from Avery’s website as a way of introduction.

George received a BA degree in English from Northern Illinois University. He then had a 49 year career in investigations, law enforcement and security in the US and abroad (private investigator, DOD security specialist, senior special agent Diplomatic Security Service US State Department, World Bank security consultant, Vice President Corporate Security for NASD, Security Director for Salliemae, independent security consultant). It’s fairly easy to see from here, where Richard Avery comes into the picture.

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