Dallas Yoga Studio Announces Powerful Baptiste Yoga Flow at YogaSport

This is a form of yoga that burns more calories than jogging and helps fight depression, migraine, and addiction. Power Flow Yoga at our Dallas yoga studio is now available for everyone to try and integrate into their lives at YogaSport, the Dallas based, Baptiste affiliated yoga school.

YogaSport welcomes people from all walks of life to enter a new and transformative world with the healing and health-inducing energies of power flow yoga. Through expertly administered classes, members of YogaSport, both amateurs and fitness enthusiasts, challenge themselves to practice this yoga specialty that is making news for its many benefits to the mind, body, and soul. Past practitioners describe it as a practice for ‘rinsing’ themselves and ‘transformative.’

Power Flow yoga or Vinyasa yoga has been studied and found to burn 400 calories in just 45 minutes. That beats regimens such as jogging or jumping rope, without the excessive physical exertion. It is known to evoke positive responses from those suffering from depression, and another study published in the Journal of Women’s Health in 2012 found practitioners achieving higher success rates for quitting smoking. Migraine patients too had reported experiences fewer migraines when they practiced power yoga five days a week for six weeks.

Our yoga classes in Dallas are energetic, athletic and empowering. Based on prior fitness levels, those who practice yoga in Dallas at YogaSport regularly experience increased energy levels in varying degrees. Every class is thus a challenge physically and mentally in several ways.

“We make it fun to sweat, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. You won’t find any yoga snobs here. Our community is fun, diverse, vibrant, silly and strong. We share struggles, sweat, and laughter. People come here for their health and wholeness, and to get big inspiration for big goals. When you walk out of our Dallas yoga classes, you will feel better than when you came in,” said Angela Wagner, owner, YogaSport.

The YogaSport studio is cozy and comfortable, heated to 90 degrees for each yoga class to ensure good blood circulation and a relaxed body. Sweating is appreciated, and so is silence to remove the distractions of music. There are no mirrors either to keep the focus entirely on the exercise. The classes are administered by graduates of YogaSport Yoga School, who receive personally supervised training by Angela Wagner. YogaSport is recognized by Baron Baptiste, the founder, and creator of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, as a Baptiste Affiliate yoga studio.


YogaSport’s mission is to provide a connective community that supports the health and personal growth of students through a welcoming environment, quality personalized instruction, and empowering physical practice.

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