Complytrain Helps Businesses and Startups Avoid Costly Litigation and Negative Press

3 Jul, 2017 – Everyday several businesses face serious litigations due to non-compliance by employees. More than often such error could cost a company their very life, they may end up facing severe fines that will make them lose millions and eventually fold up. Everyday pitiful stories like this happen, businesses fail, and the founders lose their dreams, just because a single employee did what could have been avoided with the proper training.

Although Uber’s bookings doubled in 2016, the company had a heavy loss of $2.6 billion due to employee non-compliance issues. The giant media company, FOX, paid $13 million is settlement for misdeeds by one of their employees. This kind of risk is faced by companies who fail to properly train their workforce on the best compliance practices.

This is the core purpose for the creation of a one-stop solution for various business compliance training needs, ComplyTrain. ComplyTrain aims at equipping employees with both company-specific and industry-specific compliance training needs. This type of services is crucial for the survival of any business as a single non-compliance problem can destroy both business reputation, lengthy litigation issues and close of the business in most cases for startups.

“I’ve seen a client who didn’t have compliance training for their very profitable IT startup,” said Renee Barnes, owner of “It made millions within two years. But as they grew and interviewed new talent, they always mentioned how they were a cool, young company to work for,” she added.

“Well, one applicant felt it was age discrimination. The government opened a full investigation, calling and contacting every applicant over the life of their company! They ended up having very poor publicity, were fined a massive amount, and lost everything. This could happen to anybody. That’s why we are creating ComplyTrain,” said the Renee Barnes, founder of ComplyTrain, while talking about the background of the company.

ComplyTrain is a dedicated compliance training organization dedicated to helping the business grow effectively with staffs who understand the best industry practices, top ethical standards, and all compliant related matters.

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