Charles Ngo pulls back the curtains on the underground world of affiliate marketing

Charles Ngo is well known and respected all over the world for his success in the affiliate marketing space. As a trainer, speaker and successful affiliate himself, he is one of the most trusted sources of information on affiliate marketing having written 250+ articles on the topic over the past 5 years. Charles discovered affiliate marketing in 2008 and has since made a name for him by teaching all the most valuable lessons he’s learned along his journey to success. He has now developed a comprehensive guide to affiliate marketing which he’s giving away for free to anyone interested in breaking into affiliate marketing. Now one may ask why he is giving the book away for free.

As Charles humbly puts it, he wants to help people achieve the sort of success he’s created over the years while growing a solid network of passionate marketers.

Affiliate marketing is a highly misunderstood industry that has been gaining a lot of attention nowadays, but only a few know or understand what it is or how it works. Without realising it, people often see the many different aspects of affiliate market every day on the internet through pop ads on different websites, but very few care to look into what’s going on behind the scenes. As an affiliate marketer, as explained by Charles, a person buys banner space on websites using their own money, they also build a website that promotes another company’s product or service. Every time a sale is made, the company pays commission to the affiliate marketer. The difference between the commission and amount paid for banner space is the profit.

Now, this may sound simple but there are a number of strategies involved which you need to understand before getting into affiliate marketing. Charles describes the right mindset and knowledge required to begin affiliate marketing. He also explains why affiliate marketing is an amazing opportunity to build a business from scratch, as the marketer doesn’t have to hold any inventory, sign any contracts, deal with the customers and they can work from anywhere in the world.

Unlike other affiliate marketing guides online, this one aims to provide readers with the most timely, relevant, and transparent information on affiliate marketing. Charles has developed this ultimate guide by combining his own expertise, learnings and skills, with those of his team as well as through feedback from hundreds of successful affiliate marketers to improve the guide. By providing the affiliate marketing guide for free to people who are interested in online businesses, Charles wants to inspire more people to break into space. Moreover, since The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing is available as a 100%free download in eBook format, you have nothing to lose from giving it a read. 

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