Canadian Filmmaker Gerard Dab Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Fund the Film – Jerusalem The Unknown City

Gerard Dab launches campaign on Kickstarter to finance his project, Jerusalem the Unknown City – Film.

Gerard Dab, the Canada-based television and film executive has announced that he and his team have started a campaign on Kickstarter to fund their latest project, Jerusalem The Unknown City. It is a film that captures the urban Jerusalem, the real city as it is today and its current reality, its people, daily life and its probable future.

“We want to bring to the world the realities of modern, multi-ethnic cities like Jerusalem and how it is dealing with the burden of many symbols projected on it,” says Gerard Dab. “Through this movie, we are attempting to capture the real face of the city as it is today and also its probable future a few decades down the line. The film will reflect a deeper picture of Jerusalem and the extra burden it faces while having to play a critical role in human affairs.”

According to Gerard Dab, he and his team chose Jerusalem as the city to make a movie on because Jerusalem has remained firmly under the global limelight for long. It has also emerged as one of the most covered topics of the past 100 years in both journalism and literature. Gerard is of the opinion that most of the reporting done by journalists is not only factually wrong and flawed; it is often unhealthy, tendentious and unnatural.

To fortress his argument, Gerard Dab states the example of Associated Press. They have a staff of 40 correspondents in Jerusalem. It is more than anywhere else in the world, even more than Moscow, Beijing, Paris and London, Canada, Australia together. This is a clear example of what is meant by unhealthy journalism. It is apparent that there is a pathological fixation on Israel and by extension Jerusalem which obscures any sense of reality.

Almost all reporters working out of Jerusalem do not report the true nature of the city. Its urban pulse is ignored and remains unreported. As a result the outside world remains unaware of the factual position on many fronts.

Today, what happens in the name of reporting is superficial and made up news that focuses on lurid accounts of strife and violence. In an attempt to make things sensational, the reporters and the media houses largely ignores the real life of the city’s people. It is clear and apparent to any visitor to Jerusalem that the reality of the city on the ground bears absolutely no resemblance to the skewed coverage of the city in the Western Press.

Jerusalem The Unknown City is a voyage into one of the most famous cities in the world. It will bring forth many positive aspects of the city such as it being a major vibrant multicultural urban center and home to one million people. People from all over the world are present here. They live, work, and love together within this single unified urban space, unaffected by the politics of the day.

Jerusalem The Unknown City is a film that will look at some of the critical issues facing the city now and tomorrow. The whole focus is to tell a story through the experience of a host/narrator, present historical perspectives accurately and carry interviews of opinion leaders and local citizens of all walks of life.

The core topic of the film is the demography and sociology of the city. It will bring forth the sensitive point of view of the inevitable indivisibility of the city.

The campaign on Kickstarter by Gerard Dab and his team has a financial goal of CA$50,000. The deadline for raising this funding is 6 December, 2017.

About Jerusalem The Unknown City:

Jerusalem The Unknown City is a film that attempts to project the urban Jerusalem in its factual state today. The Film by television and film executive, Gerard Dab will present the historical perspectives of this grand city accurately and correct the skewed coverage of the city by the Western Press.

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