Bloom Upstate Helping Young Girls In Spartanburg Without Active Fathers

Creating Balance in Lives That May Be At Risk

Spartanburg, SC – June 9, 2018 – A new non-profit organization dedicated to helping at-risk girls without active fathers get the support they need from strong adults. This comes as many fatherless girls are more likely to experience significant issues in their lives, including substance abuse and poverty.

Bloom Upstate exist to help girls in Spartanburg and other areas receive the guidance need to thrive. Bloom Upstate was founded by Andrea Johnson in 2017 because of her experience with growing up without a father figure. Growing up in a single parent home, Andrea is a second-generation fatherless child. As a child, she faced many adversities associated with being fatherless that contributed to her feeling of unworthiness. Those adversities exemplified the fact that all children need their father. Andrea experienced what her college professor called “the black hole”. This hole is explained as a hole in a child’s mind, body, and soul in the shape of their father.

The group will be launching its functions on June 12th at the Salvation Army at 40 Foster Street in Spartanburg SC.

The organization will help girls with having the best lives they could ever experience. This includes helping girls to understand that they are not alone and that they have strong adults in their lives that can help them from all the challenges they might come across as they grow up due to the absence of an active father. Bloom Upstate will provide positive adults who are willing to invest in these girls. We truly believe that “it takes a village to raise a child” and that “Relationships make all the difference.”

The fatherless epidemic is substantial throughout the country. Nearly 24 million children live without active fathers. This is critical as the father is an important factor in the family unit that creates a sense of stability and order. When he is not there, it becomes harder for a young girl to develop into their true being. A fatherless child, in this case, refers to someone who does not have a father due to death, divorce, addiction, incarceration, or otherwise not active in one’s daily life.

Girls without active fathers are at least nine times more likely to drop out of school. They are also eight times more likely to become pregnant as teenagers.

It is through the world of Bloom Upstate that girls are being supported. The group is focused on helping kids with managing their childhoods and with handling traumatic situations. The strong mentorship programs available will help kids with understanding what they can do in their lives and how they can keep themselves in check based on what they want to do.

The counselors and other participants in the Bloom Upstate program are certified in ACES training, a point that helps with assisting children who have been through adverse childhood experiences.

The mentors that are participating in the Bloom Upstate program will consist of married couple teams and female mentors. These mentors will help children to learn more about whom they are beyond their single parenthood experiences. The family services sector of the program will provide children and their parents with the resources and tools to foster supportive environments which promote growth and well-being.

In addition to mentorship and tutoring programs, Bloom Upstate is also providing children with peer group services. Weekly enrichment sessions are to be held to create safe settings where girls can meet with each other and with responsible tutors and volunteers to help them build the skills they need to create strong leaders in their community and to break generational patterns of fatherlessness.

It is through strong relationships that children will feel confident and comfortable with their lives. Bloom Upstate supports children who have been living without their fathers and want to help in improving the wellbeing of the child, even offering partner therapists and screenings as necessary.

Additional information on what Bloom Upstate is providing to girls who need help with leading the best lives possible can visit to learn more. The organization is recruiting volunteers, tutors, and mentors who want to help young girls grow holistically into the women God wants them to be.

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