Best Cheap PR Tools of 2017 Revealed

August 22, 2017 – New York, USA – When it comes to choosing an effective PR Tool for media outreach, there are literally hundreds of options to choose from. However, in order to increase the likelihood of the story being picked by the media, one has to choose wisely and consider using only those tools that are known to deliver results and have a good track record.

Media outreach involves pitching stories to journalists, influencers, bloggers and publications to gain valuable earned media mentions or coverage from press. Before pitching the story, there are few things one must consider. The first thing to do is to understand the target market and set clear goals. It’s easy to identify the target market, but when it comes to setting goals, one has to be practical in approach, and set objectives that are achievable within a desired timeframe. The next step involves developing a set of key messages that answer the 5 W’s (Who, What, Where, When & Why). And final step involves choosing the right PR (public relations) tools for the task.

The list of Top cheap PR tools of 2017 that are known to deliver best results are mentioned HERE.

At a time when most of the bloggers are busy writing about the death and demise of public relations, press releases, SEO, social media marketing and every other name one could think of, a huge number of companies, professionals and startups are gaining publicity, media coverage and new customers while using the same so called DEAD marketing techniques. The truth is that when it comes to digital marketing nothing dies. It actually evolves.

The fact: Sensational posts like “Public Relations is Dead”, “SEO is Dead”, “Press Release is Dead” generate more views, traffic and shares in a very short period of time. This is the very reason why so many bloggers from reputed publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffpost, etc are busy killing everything and churning out posts like these nowadays that are far from the truth. It’s quite easy to kill something, and announce it dead, but a smart marketer knows what works and what does NOT! 

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