Awakening Destiny, LLC Launches Resource that Helps Females Develop Healthy Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Women and girls struggling with low self esteem and self acceptance now have a new resource to help them develop those qualities after Awakening Destiny, LLC launched their Girl, You are Amazing Kit.

COLUMBIA, SC – June 13, 2018 – A 2016 global beauty and confidence survey conducted by beauty brand, Dove, found that 4 in 5 women suffer from low self esteem. Meanwhile, a Girlguiding report found that a growing number of girls suffer low self esteem.

The Girl, You are Amazing Kit is a unique and easy to use resource designed to combat issues of low self esteem and self acceptance by promoting self-love, confidence, positive self-esteem and healthy decision making skills.  The kit focuses on four key areas:

  • Self awareness
  • Developing a healthier sense of self love
  • Envisioning the life one wants
  • Commitment to loving the person reflecting in the mirror

The Girl, You are Amazing Kit is a division of Awakening Destiny LLC- a personal development and coaching company founded by Jessica Green.  When asked about the motivation for creating the kit, Green explained: “A few years ago, I lost my job, my home, all my savings and my car. These were the very things that I associated with my self-worth and personal success. But through my journey, I realized that true success first starts with how you view and love yourself. It is not tied to what you have, what you do or who likes you. The Girl, You are Amazing Kit was birthed from a desire to help all females learn to love and value themselves in spite of whatever life experiences they encounter.”

The Girl, You Are Amazing Kit features activities and fun goodies that help users create positive thoughts and actions for their lives. Moreover, it is a useful tool for helping parents have important conversations with their children. Customers who have already used the kit are reporting an increase in self confidence and self esteem.

One user said: “I felt it would be necessary to purchase a ‘Girl, You are Amazing Kit’ for myself because sometimes the encourager needs encouraging. It is important that I feed myself as I pour into others. No need for me to walk around empty.

The Girl, You Are Amazing Kit is designed for women and girls from ages 7 and up. Group and corporate kits are also available. For further information about kit or to make a purchase, visit:

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