Apremonts Announces Kickstarter Campaign For Their Belgian-French Bistro In Los Angeles

Apremonts takes to the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform to seek funding for the Belgian-French Bistro to be launched in Los Angeles.

The chef and gourmet partners, Ben and Misha announces launch of campaign on Kickstarter for raising funds for their new restaurant. Apremonts will be a Belgian-French bistro which they plan to start in Los Angeles.

“We want to start a restaurant that can provide the most fantastic experience and will be the meal experience itself, which will be a cross between gastronomy, brasserie spirit, or bistronomy so to speak,” says Ben while providing details of the project. “We plan to have several firsts here like a special space with supervised play area dedicated for families with kids so that parents can enjoy and unwind. We will also make sure that leftovers are given away to charities.”

Ben and Misha are enthusiastic about the project and eager to cook nice and meals presented in a very convivial setting. They will be offering jobs in the restaurant to both youths and veterans so that they too can enjoy this extraordinary profession and settings. Ben and Misha will also make sure that their staff members have access to medical insurance to guarantee the future of their kids.

Ben and Misha met by chance, exchanged their ideas and discovered that they had a common interest about food, wine and journeys. Ben is a chef, Misha a gourmet and they both shared the same approach to food and good lifestyle and this led to development of a great friendship.

While Ben chose to study the art of cooking in accordance with his tastes and wishes. Misha was more comfortable with handling clients, marketing techniques and new ideas. However, they both share a common vision of bringing good products to the consumers from top producers. Ben is an expert at developing new ideas and menus and balancing traditions and gastronomy. Misha has great visual and esthetic skills and understands the needs of her clients deeply.

Ben and Misha will be joined in this endeavor by a skilled, multilingual woman from L.A. She has been a talented restaurant manager for several years now. Together they are hopeful of providing a great start to the project.

According to Ben, this will be a new kind of restaurant that will warmly welcome couples, friends as well as families. There will be a sharp focus on staff members too as they will be an integral part of the group and sharing the same values. The whole emphasize will be on home-made cooking where the quality of its products will take priority over everything else.

The fundraiser campaign started by Ben and Misha on Kickstarter will attempt to raise the targeted financial goal of €495,000 within the deadline date of 18 November, 2017.

About Belgian-French Bistro in Los Angeles:

The Belgian-French Bistro in Los Angeles is a dream project of Chef Ben and gourmet expert Misha. The team wants to introduce customers to best of Belgian and French food. They will work with the top American suppliers chosen for their emphasis and uncompromising stand on quality. The restaurant will warmly welcome couples, friends and families and will have a dedicated space for families with kids with a supervised play area.

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