Airwheel Smart electric scooters Enables Riders To Lead A New Lifestyle

Folks are no longer content with the necessities, and they are long for a more wholesome body to enjoy society development fruit. Airwheel marsrover, as the new achievement in modern society enables riders to lead a new lifestyle.

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Among millions of players, many of them would give feedback to tell their fire new life experience with Airwheel electric scooters. Today, one Airwheel fan’ feedback is chosen to share with others. Because of the Airwheel self-balancing scooter, he found his girlfriend.

Airwheel X8 electric self-balancing unicycle 

The first one is a college student. For his privacy, the university name and his personal name would not be disclosed. He told us that he expressed great gratitude to Airwheel, because he found his true love thanks to the Airwheel X8. As he began to play kinds of sports, such as skateboard, he was fascinated by all the novel tools. He learned the Airwheel intelligent electric scooter by accident. The first sight of Airwheel X8 electric self-balancing unicycle left him a deep impression. Just as usual, he rode the Airwheel X8 to attend class. What made him surprized was that he was stopped by a lively girl with the words: could you teach me to learn it and I am interested in learning it. For him, the happiness came too suddenly and he was too nervous to answer it right away. When the girl asked him again, he said yes, of course.

Airwheel X8 electric self-balancing unicycle 

After class, he took the initiative to contact her and suggested another self-balancing scooter to her—the Airwheel R5 electric moped bike, weight 18.5kg. The white & yellow combination reminds purity and vitality. Now, she can ride the Airwheel with ease with the help of him. How to start the electricity-assisted mode of R5 folding e bike? After connecting moped bike via the App, open the setting, click the electricity-assisted mode button, and apply to start it as the operation steps. If the application is successful, the electricity-assisted mode will start correspondingly. Choosing power-assisted mode, riders need to turn on the power switch.

Power sensor can sense the rotation, and then give signal to the controller when the riding ring exceeds three rings, so that power-assisted mode is activated. As time passes, their relationship is becoming closer and closer.

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