Airwheel A6S Electric Self-Balancing Wheelchair Is To Let More People Enjoy The Tech Advancement

Airwheel pays attention to every detail and tries to understand its behaviour and how to move to improve its products continually. A6S smart electric wheelchair is one of the new products in the second round new product release announcement with the aim to let more riders enjoy the tech advancement.

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With the cutting-edging tech and creativity, Airwheel electric hoverboard rolled A6S. It stands out against the background of the fierce business competition. Under Airwheel A-series, it is the second model following A3—A6S self-balancing wheelchair providing comfortable and stable riding experience. A6S is designed to help disabled and the old, or the weak ones move within a certain distance. It is the lightweight aluminium chassis, adjustable saddle and breathable, slip and tilt handles (option), removable handlebar for easy transfer and instrument board make the Airwheel A6S unique.

Like A3, A6S self-balancing electric wheelchair is controlled by change of gravity centre, allowing riders to go forward or backward freely and easily. A wide and comfortable saddle in A6S solves the difficult problem of current electric vehicles, which helps to promote it into the mainstream consuming market. Airwheel A6S is equipped with branded lithium-ion battery; it has large power capacity and long range. People can eliminate this problem by check the electricity status frequently. The super large LED display that can be upgraded precisely shows the real-time data. What is more, it is more flexible and intelligent than imagined, easy to fold and convenient to store. Considering the better customer experience, Airwheel has developed the App in Airwheel A6S. The user could download the APP online, via which he could wirelessly connect his scooter into his phone to have a look at the speed, left power and riding time. At the same time, the user could adjust the top speed.

It is worth mentioning A6S smart electric wheelchair belongs to non-motor vehicle, being designed especially for the old or disabled. No driving license is needed in accordance with traffic law, but driver of A6S should observe the same traffic rules that are applied to pedestrians. Please drive this wheelchair in pedestrian lane or bike lane. In summary, Airwheel A6S makes breakthroughs to bring convenience to more riders.

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