AgileCxO Announces the Release of the Agile Performance Holarchy® (APH)

The APH Enables Agile Leaders to Build, Evaluate, and Sustain Large-Scale Agile Performance

MARATHON, Florida – June 11, 2018 – Today AgileCxO ( a research and development organization focused on Agile leadership and large-scale agility, announced a solution to the unpredictability that has compromised large-scale enterprise agility for over a decade: The Agile Performance Holarchy® (APH). The APH is a behavioral model that clearly establishes a set of behaviors, actions and outcomes in six Performance Circles that define organizational agile so that Agile leaders can, for the first time, build and evaluate high performing enterprise agile capability.

With 60% of IT organizations reporting that fewer than half of their teams actually effectively practicing agile1, the APH offers a solution for Agile leaders who are struggling to scale self-organizing behaviors with large teams. The APH provides the architecture, tools, and clearly defined set of self-organizing objectives, outcomes, and actions they need to model, evaluate, improve, and scale high-performance agility.

“Agile leaders know that agile maturity is critical to their success,” Jeff Dalton, Chief Evangelist at, said. “With the Agile Performance Holarchy, they can finally verify successful agile performance in their organizations. By working with our licensed AgileCxO Transformation Partners, Agile leaders will receive the organizational agile performance assessments, certifications, and training they need to build Great Agile at scale.”

More information about the Agile Performance Holarchy is available at

2017 State of Agile survey from VersionOne.

About AgileCxO 

AgileCxO is a research and development organization that studies agile leadership and builds performance models, training, and organizational certifications for large agile organizations. With the Agile Performance Holarchy®, organizational certifications, and educational podcasts featuring CIOs and CTOs from across North America, AgileCxO provides technology leaders with the models and methods they need to scale Agility.

AgileCxO also hosts Agile Leadership Camp – an annual meet-up to help agile leader identify and resolve issues for sustaining agile at scale.

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