5 Best Non-GMO Vegetables for Survival Gardening According to HAGA Expert

Non gmo vegetable seeds for survival gardeners
Home and Garden America advises survivalists to plant quick-to-grow vegetables using non gmo seeds for the best results.

Carson City, NV – October 5, 2017 – Gardening for survival purposes is easy but it does require some proper planning. In survival gardening, there is more emphasis on planting fast-growing vegetables. Food supply is of the essence during a survival situation, that’s why quick-to-grow vegetables should always be prioritized.

But aside from growing speed, nutrition is also another key factor. “There’s no use in having a survival garden if the harvested crops themselves are lacking in nutrition. If you’re not careful with the seeds you plant, you could be growing GMO crops that could be detrimental rather than beneficial for your family’s health and survival,” says a survival expert from Home and Garden America, a Nevada-based company.

GMO (genetically modified) crops have been closely associated with serious health problems, which is why organic gardeners as well as survival gardeners often stay away from them. Non gmo crops are highly preferred because they are free from genetic alteration and safe for regular consumption.

To achieve the ultimate survival garden, the HAGA expert recommends planting quick-to-grow vegetables using seeds that are guaranteed non gmo. This way, families can have a fast-growing and nutritious food supply without worrying about the safety of their food.

The expert also revealed the top 5 vegetables that fit the criteria of being quick to grow and packed with nutrients. He advises survivalists to plant bush beans, lettuce, spinach, radish, kale and other leafy greens in order to achieve the ultimate survival garden.

“These veggies should always be present in your garden. They’re not only incredibly nourishing but also advantageous especially when a disaster or crisis has occurred. Since they require less time to mature, your family will be able to eat fresh, healthy foods despite the difficult situation,” said the HAGA expert.

To get a good head start on future emergencies, the survival expert advised households to plant a vegetable garden as soon as possible. “If you don’t have one yet, then you better start now. There’s no telling when the next disaster will be, so you need to be prepared at all times.”

He goes on to say that the garden doesn’t necessarily have to be outdoors. Even an indoor garden will do, as long as the right vegetables are grown.

“Growing a survival garden, no matter how small, will be very helpful in the future. Think of gardening as a handy skill that will benefit you and your family so that if you actually find yourselves in a survival situation, growing fresh veggies will be a breeze. Just make sure to keep a nice set of non gmo seeds in your survival pack so you can grow food anytime,” reminded the expert.

Further information on quick-to-grow vegetables and non gmo seeds can be found on the Home and Garden America page.

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