1st ART Offers Museum Quality Handmade Oil Paintings Created by Professional Independent Artists

Introducing high resolution pre-shipment photo preview feature with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

April 22, 2016 – Brighton, CO, United States – 1st Art, one of America’s leading providers of museum quality handmade oil paintings and reproductions is pleased to announce that it is now offering art aficionados worldwide with a unique opportunity to get hold of artworks that are usually quite expensive and beyond normal customer’s reach. The online store offers oil paintings of different styles, including masterpiece reproductions of the most popular artists like Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Claude Oscar Monet, Gustav Klimt, Wassily Kandinsky and many others at highly reasonable rates.

According to company’s spokes person Monica Lee, “Fine art by art workers? I suspect the results would come good. Hand-painted art belongs to one of those industries where modern factories worse it instead of advancing it.”

When it comes to buying oil painting and reproductions online, most of the buyers end up shelling out exorbitant amount of money on something that’s low quality, less durable and involves use of poor quality flimsy canvas. The number one cause for this is that most of the companies nowadays choose to outsource paintings to cheap factories instead of professionals, which adequately results in poor quality. However, the good news is that with 1st Art, customers can only expect top quality paintings and reproductions, which involve use of genuine brushstrokes and techniques used by original artists. What makes them unique is that they work with professional artists who have been proven proficient in certain subjects, styles or certain individual artworks. In fact, working directly with professional artists instead of students or art workers enables them to control quality much better than their competitors.

Besides, they check several minute aspects for each painting in order to deliver utmost quality, such as tone and color of painting, style, details, brushwork, etc. Once the painting is finished, 1st Art provides its customers with a high resolution photo preview, allowing them to evaluate quality and genuineness of work, something which other providers fail to offer.

Specifically, some of the key features that make them forerunners in the industry are:

• They choose to work with talented artists with proven artworks.

• Currently working with 100+ artists, covering almost all styles and subjects.

• Their top artists work as examiners who check the quality of each finished oil painting, requesting fixes and improvements and perfecting art for client.

• Artists are their biggest asset. Efficient communication between 1st Art and artists has helped their business run smoothly and progress rapidly for the past years.

• Offering 500+ frames, all of top quality.

For more information, simply visit: http://www.1st-art.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfAU2ezStEM

Picture: https://www.1st-art.com/media/wysiwyg/samples/c_IMG_9559.JPG

About 1st Art

Founded in 2000, 1st Art is a US-registered business selling museum quality pre-ordered oil paintings, including painting reproductions, oil paintings from photo, customized paintings and frames.

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