ZOVSK Wallet: Traditional Wallet Re-Invented

September, 2016 – ZOVSK, LLC proudly announce the launch of its innovative new product, ZOVSK. ZOVSK is a re-imagined conventional bi-fold wallet, created through an unconventional artistic construction. The wallet has a single leather panel wrapping, blending into a coin holder that uses strength to lock into place and a smart powerbank.

The wallet is launching on Kickstarter, with a 40% OFF early bird price available, also on Kickstarter.

 Born out of a fierce obsession user needs, ZOVSK overcomes all obstacles to keep your things safe controlled entirely from an app. It has built-in power bank with an ultra slim mobile device charger that is compatible with android and iPhone Devices.

Over a year ago, ZOVSK, LLC decided to create a unique product from the conventional wallet. The company finally created a combination of art leather and versatility of technology in a wallet in an aesthetic way like never done before. 

ZOVSK is the most functional travel purse in the market. It is an ultra-slim trackable wallet at the click of a button. The wallet has instant power supply to gadgets when on the move. With ZOVSK in the pocket, there is no worries about being cut off from either chatting, surfing the internet, or simply being connected with friends.

“More than a year ago we set ourselves an incredible mission. We wanted to combine the art of leather and versatility of technology in a wallet in an aesthetic way like never done before. We asked ourselves how we could include in a single product all the important features found in other wallets or people’s bags while traveling. We challenged ourselves to solve all the problems that had plagued the best designers for many years.” Says the head of marketing.

He says further, “Our products are made of exclusive materials and components. Working with the best in leather accessories and wireless charging technology, we are able to capture the opportunities of scaling up production to international standards, without compromising our dedication and passion.”

Mobile applications should make life easier. And the ZOVSK App does just that. With a stunning and intuitive user interface, navigation is beautifully simple. The wallet as more than just a cash/card holder and believe that it is key to increasing the efficiency of one’s everyday life.

The tracker inside the wallet can synchronize seamlessly with any mobile phone via Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy. Using the app to connect to the wallet, the map function can be used to locate or ring the wallet or ring phone using a wallet! The tracker battery lasts up to 12 months

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Company Name: ZOVSK, LLC
Contact Person: Founder
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Country: United States
Website: http://www.zovsk.com/