“You’re Going To Need A Ride, Better Call An Uber” Launches Just In Time For The Holidays

A lot has been written about Uber over the last few months, but considering it is the holiday season, no matter what fun events you are participating in, it is always important to ensure that you have a safe ride home.

$ellout, the musician for hire, debuts his collaboration: “You’re going to need a ride, better call an Uber”, for the holidays in a reminder to have fun this holiday season and ensure everyone has a safe ride home.

“It was so exciting to work with everyone to make this project a reality!” says $ellout. Uber is known for other viral marketing methods such as referral codes, and extensive media coverage, and there are many big fans of the company, ones who even go as far as supporting the company in local protests against taxi companies. Local goverments have had to adapt to the company’s new ways of doing business as the general public supports the company and opposes the traditional old ways of handling transportation.

The music video is set to launch in the new year but “You’re going to need a ride, better call an Uber” can be listened to here:

Who is $ellout?

The music industry is in a weird spot. Full access to musicians through social media and no one buying music anymore has left a new kind of celebrity. What they wear, where they go, and who they are friends with/dating has become more important than the music.

So $ellout is left asking one fundamental question, “Are you selling out if everything you have is for sale?” No one accuses a billboard of selling out. In a world that has everything perfectly crafted to scientifically stimulate your senses, is $ellout the only thing that is truly real?

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